Foods That Increase Your Temperature This Winter

Now that the air is freezing, the common cold and flu are a commonplace! There are certain foods that you may include in your diet more often this winter to help save you from going down with an infection. Continue reading to find out why they are beneficial to consume as well as which ones they are.

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According to scientists, some of your body’s immune cells tend to respond slower when your core body temperature is low. It’s exactly for this reason why your body temperature rises when you are having a bout of infection — it helps your immune system do its job so much better!

Certainly, it’s important to load up on foods that help keep the body feel warm to ensure an immune system that’s alive and kicking. If you don’t want to miss out on a lot of fun and memorable activities common this part of the year, then have the following core body temperature-increasing foods added to your diet:


We all know how beneficial it is to start your day with a bowl of oatmeal because it supplies your body with protein and carbs necessary to keep you going throughout the day. Well, a hot serving of oatmeal is something that should be a staple in your diet this wintertime because it is very good at keeping your body warm, plus it yields vitamins and minerals that help in making your immune system strong.

Brown Rice

Just like oatmeal, a steaming hot serving of brown rice is something that can help keep your body temperature elevated this season. Unlike other sources of carbohydrates, brown rice releases carbs into your bloodstream in a slow and steady manner, which means a stable supply of heat and energy throughout the cold, cold day. Make sure that you serve brown rice with vegetables for a foolproof immune system.

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Throw some garlic when cooking vegetables for pairing with brown rice. That’s because garlic is known to help increase the temperature of your body — it’s not only an excellent fighter of vampires, but also a superb booster of blood circulation! Garlic also packs impressive immune-enhancing properties, and that’s why it can help keep that cold or flu from striking this merry time of the year.

Cayenne Pepper

Want to sport blushing cheeks while everybody else around you looks pasty? Then sprinkle a little cayenne pepper into your life! The characteristic hotness of this well-loved spice can definitely increase your core body temperature, which translates to a stronger immune system. You may also throw in some of your favorite hot peppers into your diet if you really want to keep an infection at bay throughout wintertime.


Fat is an excellent source of energy which can increase the body’s temperature, but many know it very well as a figure-wrecker. Well, that depends on which kind of fat you consume — if you opt for the healthy kind, then there should be no problem whatsoever. Some of the best sources of healthy fat to enjoy this season are avocados. You may also snack on some nuts and seeds to stay warm and infection-free.

Green Tea

Having a cup of green tea this winter is also something that can help keep you warm as well as make your immune system very strong. It’s for the fact that green tea is loaded with compounds possessing superb antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. And if you are also prone to having the winter blues, then enjoying a piping hot cup of tea on a regular basis can help in keeping that beaming smile on your face.

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