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Foods Rich in Selenium

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The mineral selenium is required by the body in small amounts for proper functioning as well as for the prevention of certain health conditions. The recommended dietary allowance for selenium among male and female adults is 55 mcg. Pregnant and nursing women require 60 mcg and 70 mcg respectively. Children require much lower dosages of it on a daily basis, ranging from 15 mcg to 40 mcg, depending on their age.

Selenium is important because it has antioxidant properties. It helps neutralize excess free radicals before they damage a lot of healthy cells, accelerate the aging process and bring about a host of problems, from diabetes to cancer. Selenium also promotes healthy thyroid, heart, and skin.

It’s true that you can get your dose of selenium by taking vitamin and mineral supplements. However, you can also obtain the nutrient by eating certain types of food. Read on to know some of the best sources of this important mineral.


If you love seafood, you are not going to have a problem getting your supply of selenium Some excellent sources of this nutrient include tuna, mackerel, halibut, tilapia, oysters, squid, lobster, shrimp and clams.

Meat Products

Other than protein, various meat products also provide selenium your body needs. To get enough of this mineral, include in your diet the following: lean pork cuts, beef, lamb, chicken and turkey.

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Nuts make for excellent snacks because they supply you with protein and healthy fats. Many of them also contain selenium. Some of the best sources of it are Brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts and macadamia nuts.


Several cheeses are superb sources of the mineral selenium. Two excellent examples are cheddar and cottage cheese.

Whole Grains

Other than gut- and heart-friendly dietary fiber, selenium is also supplied by a variety of whole grains. Next time you are at the supermarket, shop for the following: wild rice, brown rice, old-fashioned oatmeal and quinoa. It’s also a good idea to opt for pasta, noodles and bread out of whole-grain or whole-wheat flour.


Majority of selenium in eggs are found in the yolk. If you are watching your cholesterol intake or you are trying to lose weight, it’s a good idea to limit your intake of eggs to 2 to 6 times a week only.

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