11 Foods That Are Secretly Staining Your Teeth

We all want that pearly white teeth to be as perfect as we want it to be. We use toothpaste with teeth whitening components or go and have are bleached teeth to achieve it. If you want to keep that tooth shiny and stain free there are some foods you need to avoid. Teeth are prone to stains, colored food and beverages can cause that yellowish tint in your teeth. The color of the food is not the problem, but the acidity level. Acidic food can cause the enamel to break down and cause stains. Chromogens found in foods are known to cause the stain.

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Foods that are likely to stain your clothes can stain your teeth too! A change in temperature can also cause the teeth to change color. Very hot food and or very cold beverage can cause cause make the stain enter the enamel of your teeth.

Colored Soda:

You expected colored soda to be in this list. It is acidic and very dark in color. The citric acid in soda can cause the enamel to erode. Sodas also contain high amounts of sugar that can cause tooth decay.


For most people coffee is something we can’t take away from our daily diet. Coffee is dark in color and is acidic. To lessen the staining effect of coffee, put in a splash of creamer or milk.


Tea like coffee is acidic and is taken hot. A better, less teeth staining option for tea is to go for green tea or herbal tea.

Tomato Sauce and Ketchup:

Yes, tomato based food can also cause stains on the teeth. Tomatoes are acidic and has a very bright red color that can change the color of the teeth. You can eat broccoli before consuming tomato based foods to add an extra protective coating on your teeth.

Fruit Juices:

Fruit Juices or processed fruit juices, especially darker colored drinks like cranberry and grape can cause stains. For a more tooth friendly option, Opt for fresh fruits or diluting fruit juices into spritzers.

Red Wine:

Red wine is generally good for the health if taken in moderation, but red wine has a dark reddish or purple color. This color contains tannins that can surely affect the color of your teeth. A great tip to avoid staining after drinking wine is to rinse your mouth. There are products that are specifically designed to remove buildup on the teeth to avoid stains and cavities.

Colored candy and popsicles:

Popsicles, bubble gum and candy all contain colorants that can stain the teeth. To lessen the chances of getting stains opt for light colored candies or popsicle. Go for vanilla or lemon instead of colorful berries and apple flavor. A healthier alternative is sugar free candies or popsicle.

Dressings, Soy Sauce and Balsamic Vinegar:

Dark colored condiments or sauces that are high in acidity can definitely stain the teeth. Opt for sauces with a lighter shade like rice vinegar or lemon vinaigrette.


The berries are very dark in color that can stain teeth. Berries are full of healthy antioxidants and should be consumed in moderation to avoid staining.


Curry is delicious and full of spices, but due to its bright yellow and at times red color it can cause staining. To avoid staining rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after eating.


Beets can be used as lip stains and sometimes used to color clothes. Beets have a powerful staining property. Avoid drinking beets in juice form or brush your teeth after you consume it to avoid a longer build up to form.

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