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Foods That are Slowly Making You Stupid

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You have heard about foods that can make you gain weight, leave you constipated or cause your arteries to end up clogged. Have you heard of those that can make you dim-witted in the long run? If you want to stay smart, do your best to limit or avoid the following:


We all know that refined sugar is bad for your figure. But did you know that it’s also something that can make your memory dull and hinder your ability to learn new things? Experts say that long term consumption of foods packed with refined sugar can have all sorts of negative effects on the brain cells.

Artificial Sweeteners

If the consumption of refined sugar can leave you dumb, does this mean that switching to artificial sweeteners can help keep your cognitive function in top-notch shape? Definitely not true. Studies suggest that excessive consumption of artificial sweeteners can impede cognitive functioning and may even cause brain damage.

Trans Fat

When shopping, check that the product you are about to place in your shopping cart contains no trans fat. That’s because this hydrogenated oil can increase your cholesterol levels and damage the arteries, resulting in a number of problems including the shrinkage of the brain, much like what Alzheimer’s disease causes.


Everyone knows that too much sodium is not good for your blood pressure and heart. Are you aware that consuming foods with lots of sodium in them can also weaken your cognitive functioning? Steer clear of anything that’s loaded with sodium if you want your brain as well as heart to stay healthy.

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Refined Grains

See to it that you opt for food products out of 100 percent whole grains. On the other hand, do your best to steer clear of those that are made from refined grains. Experts say that these items can accelerate the aging process, including that of your brain. It won’t take long before refined grains can lead to memory loss and poor concentration.

Deli Meats

Protein is good for your brain cells, but not if it comes from processed food sources. The likes of sausages, salamis, hot dogs and bacons contain chemicals that can cause inflammation and damage to the brain cells. Get your protein from healthy sources like fish, chicken or turkey breast, eggs, beans nuts and seeds.

Pre-Cooked Foods

In order to extend their shelf lives, preservatives are added to pre-cooked foods among numerous other chemicals. Experts say that the inclusion of too much pre-cooked food products in the diet can increase one’s risk of developing degenerative brain disease like Alzheimer’s later on.

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Fast Foods

Quit visiting your favorite fast food joint if you want to stay smart for life. Studies have shown that those greasy treats can impede the production of dopamine, a chemical that supports memory, learning and motivation. Consuming fast foods on a regular basis may also leave you with anxiety and depression.


Shocked to see this healthy food in this list of foods that can gradually leave you dumb? Experts say that tofu is good for you in moderate amounts. However, it’s a different story if you eat it excessively. A study revealed that participants who ate lots of tofu were at risk of memory loss, which researches attribute to tofu’s phytoestrogen content.


It’s no secret that too much alcohol can damage your liver. Did you know that it can also slowly decrease your cognitive functioning? If you are having a hard time recalling information or confirming whether something really happened or it was just a dream, that’s a sign that you are drinking way too much alcohol.

Low-Carb Foods

Are you sticking to a low-carb diet because you want to lose weight? If there’s something that you will surely shed, it’s your brain power and not those unwanted pounds. According to a study, female participants who opted for a diet that is low in carbs experienced a dip in cognitive functioning.

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