Foods That are Very Good for Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are a couple of bean-shaped organs situated at the back muscles of your upper abdominal cavity. These very important components of your urinary system carry out a variety of tasks. You may know by now that the kidneys remove impurities in the blood via the urine. Did you also know that they regulate your blood pressure, number of red blood cells, as well as fluid and acid levels in the body?

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Needless to say, the kidneys are organs that you should take good care of. Due to the fact that they are carrying out an assortment of tasks non-stop, they are susceptible to developing various problems. There are also various health conditions that can wreak havoc to the kidneys, and they include high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and autoimmune diseases.

That is why the best way to safeguard your kidneys from harm is by keeping your entire body in tip-top shape. You should exercise on a regular basis, manage stress appropriately, drink plenty of fluids and have a well-balanced diet.

Speaking of diet, there are certain foods that are said to help keep your kidneys in pristine condition, thus allowing them to perform their designated roles optimally. By including these kidney-friendly foods in your everyday diet, you can rest assured that you are one step ahead in maintaining the health of your bean-shaped organs. Here they are:

Red Bell Peppers

The impressive amounts of vitamin C in red bell peppers make these healthy and brightly-colored vegetables excellent for the kidneys. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that neutralize free radicals before they damage healthy kidney cells. Additionally, red bell peppers are low in potassium, making them excellent for those with kidney disease.


Just like red bell peppers, cabbage is also low in potassium so they can help damaged kidneys recover much faster. Also, cabbage is a cruciferous type of vegetable. This means that it is a great source of sulfur compounds that help detoxify the body. Something as simple as including more cabbage in your diet can help in lightening the workload of your kidneys.


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Another cruciferous vegetable that’s very good for the kidneys is cauliflower. Whether eaten raw, steamed or stir-fried with other vegetables, consuming it can help in considerably lowering your chances of having kidney disease.


What’s so nice about berries is they can be eaten as they are or sprinkled on yogurt, oatmeal, breakfast cereals and salads. This is excellent news because it leaves you with no excuse not to make your diet rich in berries, which are very good for the kidneys. The likes of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are all packed with antioxidants that help protect the cells of your kidneys from being damaged by free radicals


One of the most important nutrients the kidneys require is vitamin D, which is found abundantly in mushrooms. Studies have shown that a diet that’s rich in vitamin D promotes superb kidney functioning and may ward off kidney disease.

Cranberry Juice

You may have read or heard somewhere that drinking cranberry juice is an effective home remedy for urinary tract infections or UTIs. That’s because this beverage is capable of making the urine acidic, thus turning the environment in your urinary system less friendly to UTI-causing bacteria. Aside from cranberry juice, you may also snack on dried cranberries.


Thanks to the vitamin C content of onions, these herbs are excellent protectors of your kidneys. Onions are also loaded with an antioxidant known as quercetin, something which is very good at combating inflammation. Inflammation is a condition that’s associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other health problems linked to kidney disease. One of the nicest things about onions is including them in your daily diet is trouble-free.

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