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Foods That Can Worsen Cellulite

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There are various treatments and topically-applied products available for getting rid of cellulite. But before you invest a huge chunk of your hard-earned cash on this solution, it’s a good idea for you to first try altering your diet.

No matter how effective a treatment or product is said to be, it means absolutely nothing if you are constantly consuming foods that are known to worsen cellulite.

Read on if you want to deal with cellulite in an all-natural and pocket-friendly approach — below are some of the foods that you should limit or avoid if you want to see dramatic results without messing up your savings dramatically.

Got lots of female relatives and friends who constantly complain about cellulite? Then make sure that you repost this article later on so that they may also be able to avoid the following:


Because soda is packed with calories, it’s definitely a good idea for you to eliminate this from your diet. So whenever you feel thirsty, reach for nothing but a glass of water.

If you think that diet soda is an alternative that you may go for, think again — experts say that artificial sweeteners can cause toxin accumulation, something that can definitely aggravate cellulite.

White Bread

Consider ditching white bread as well as anything else that’s out of refined flour like cakes, muffins, bagels, crackers and pasta — they flood your body with calories.

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This does not mean, however, that you can no longer have bread and the rest of the gang. When shopping, just make sure that the item you are about to place in your cart is something out of whole grains as they are loaded with fiber that promotes weight loss.

Deli Meat

It’s not just excess calories that you should avoid, but also unnecessary ingredients such as those that are found abundantly in deli meats. Additives in them can cause toxin accumulation and inflammation formation.

However, deli meats are not the only ones that you should turn your back on but also any food product that is processed and contains all kinds of ingredients your body does not need.

Canned Soup

Because it’s processed, there is no denying that canned soup contains additives that can worsen your cellulite. But there’s something else in canned soup that can make matters worse, and that’s sodium.

Experts say that the consumption of too much sodium can cause water retention, and it’s something that can certainly exacerbate existing cellulite.

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It’s true that cheese supplies your body with protein, calcium and a host of vitamins and minerals you need to attain as well as maintain optimum health. Sadly, cheese is in fact rich in sodium.

The good news is there are low-sodium cheeses that you may consume in moderation, and one of those is cottage cheese — it may closely resemble cellulite, but cottage cheese is not as salty as other cheeses out there.


All sorts of sauces can make every meal in front of you taste so much better. Did you know that most sauces out there can also make your cellulite look more unsightly?

Checking out the labels of some of the most sought after sauces on the market will reveal the fact that they are packed with sugar. In addition, many of them are loaded with sodium at the same time.


Make sure that you drink alcohol in moderation — not more than 1 glass of it per day, according to experts — if you want to fend off cellulite aggravation. That’s because too much of it can constrict the blood vessels in your skin, thus causing your cellulite to look worse.

Besides, a lot of alcoholic drinks actually contain excessive amounts of calories, and that’s why consuming them like there’s no tomorrow can lead to unnecessary weight gain.

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