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Foods That Can Worsen Hemorrhoids

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Most cases of hemorrhoids clear up on their own in just a matter of days. While they’re around, it is a good idea to refrain from consuming certain foods that can worsen the pain and inflammation you are having. Minding what you put in your mouth is one of the best ways to manage hemorrhoids as well as its symptoms. Here are some of the foods that you should avoid having as they are known to exacerbate the painful and embarrassing condition down there:

High Fiber Foods

Everyone knows that a diet rich in fiber helps ward off constipation and colon cancer. It’s also something that can keep hemorrhoids from striking. However, it is a good idea to steer clear of foods that are very high in fiber when you are having a bout of hemorrhoids because their fiber content is bulk-forming, which means they can make your stool bulkier.

Refined Grains

Just because you have hemorrhoids doesn’t mean that you should turn your back on foods that contain fiber. The key is to consume foods that contain moderate amounts of fiber, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, chickpeas, dates, plums and fruit juices. Dodge anything with refined grains as they are devoid of fiber and can leave you with constipation.

Processed Products

Containing few nutrients and lots of chemicals, it doesn’t come as a surprise why processed food products are not good for you if you have hemorrhoids. What’s more, a lot of these items contain ingredients that can promote inflammation, something that can worsen your hemorrhoids and intensify the symptoms associated with them.

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Salty Foods

It’s no secret that the consumption of anything that contains a lot of sodium is bad for your health. You can benefit a lot from steering clear of salty foods if you want to get rid of your hemorrhoids as soon as possible. The consumption of salty foods can leave you dehydrated and constipated. Also, it can leave you bloated which can aggravate hemorrhoids.

Dairy Goods

Experts say that the consumption of dairy food products can make hemorrhoid pain worse. One of the reasons for such is dairy goods can cause excessive gas production, further adding to the discomfort sufferers of hemorrhoids already have. Also, the inclusion of lots of dairy in the diet may leave you with bigger stools.

Hot Spices

Definitely, you should momentarily keep away from your beloved spicy foods if you have hemorrhoids. This is especially true if the hemorrhoids you have are the bleeding kind. You can expect lots of pain while in the toilet if you consume spicy foods. Cayenne pepper, jalapeños, Carolina reaper (dubbed as the hottest pepper) — all of these should go.

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Unripe Fruits

The inclusion of unripe fruits in your diet is a terrible idea if hemorrhoids are bugging you. Your digestive system will have a hard time processing them. What’s more, some unripe fruits like bananas can actually leave you constipated. Here’s a tip on how to hasten the ripening of some fruits: stash them in a paper bag and leave in a warm corner of your kitchen.


During your bout of hemorrhoids, consider avoiding alcoholic beverages for a while. That’s because alcohol can dehydrate you, leaving you with constipation — something you don’t want to happen when you have hemorrhoids. Additionally, alcoholic beverages can disrupt your digestive system, making your bowel movement even more painful.


Just like alcoholic beverages, your favorite cup of java can be dehydrating. Being dehydrated is a bad idea whether or not you are facing hemorrhoids. It’s a good idea to avoid getting your hands on a serving of coffee while you are trying to bounce back from a bout of hemorrhoids to prevent ending up dehydrated and ultimately constipated.

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