Foods That Can Wreck Your Workout

If you take your workouts seriously, then you should also pay special attention to your post-workout nutrition. It’s right after your dose of exercise when your muscles need all the raw materials they can get for repair. Experts say that you should supply your muscles with everything they need within 2 hours of working out, although you should wait for at least 15 minutes before you start reaching for an excellent post-workout meal.

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However, it’s of utmost importance for you to opt for the right foods. Otherwise, those several precious minutes that you spent at the gym will account to nothing. The following are some of the foods that you should refrain from consuming if you don’t want to waste the time and energy you just invested in turning your dream figure into a reality:



Can’t believe that this nutritionally-dense food is on the list? There is no denying that salad is good for you because it packs all sorts of nutrients. The problem with salad is it’s very high in fiber. It’s not really a good idea to opt for a fiber-rich treat after your exercise as it can cause all sorts of GI issues such as gas and bloating.


Green Smoothies

Here’s another shocker — chugging a glass of green smoothie should be avoided after exercising. It’s for the fact that this undeniably healthy drink does not provide your muscles with enough carbohydrates. Further, all the fiber a serving of green smoothie packs can only leave you with abdominal distress.


Protein Bar

We all know that supplying the muscles with good amounts of protein is very important most especially after spending time at the gym. So what’s wrong with munching on protein bar? The loads of sugar and carbs the product contains! Do make sure that the one you are about to snack on has no more than 200 calories.



Speaking of protein, it’s no secret that hummus is a wonderful source of it because it’s made from chickpeas. However, bean-based foods are not really tummy-friendly post-workout meals. It’s very much likely for you to end up with abdominal cramps and excess gas if you reach for a tub of hummus within a couple of hours after exercising.

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Roasted Nuts

Everyone knows that roasted nuts are phenomenal sources of protein especially for vegans. However, fight off the urge to snack on them because the high sodium content can upset proper balance of liquid in the body, which is greatly needed after a good workout. Needless to say, avoid any other food with lots of sodium.



Calcium, protein and probiotics — these are the things that make yogurt healthy. Despite of this, experts discourage fitness buffs to stay away from yogurt after working out. Yogurt and all the other members of the dairy family take a long time to digest, and you may wind up having abdominal pain and an overall unpleasant feeling.



Although it’s true that pasta is a great source of carbohydrates that your muscles need tremendously, eating the wrong kind of pasta after exercising can leave you in shambles. Something that that has a creamy sauce can cause tummy issues such as heartburn. Avoid GI distress by opting for pasta with a light sauce.



First things first: the kind of coffee that you should steer clear of right after hitting the gym is the one that comes with whipped cream and other calorie-rich additives. If you are on the hunt for a quick boost of energy after exercising, opt for black coffee. Green or black tea is also a wonderful choice.



There is no denying that sodas should be avoided at any given time, not just after having your dose of exercise. It’s true that this fizzy beverage can really quench your thirst, but the tons of sugar it contains can ruin your workout. Diet soda? Not so fast! The carbonation can definitely leave you gassy and bloated.

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