Foods that Look Healthy But Are Not (Continuation…)

The following is a continuation of an earlier post about foods that are disguised as healthier:

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Packaged Turkey

Turkey is an excellent source of lean and high quality protein. The packaged kinds available at most supermarkets, however, are loaded with sodium, nitrates and others that can wreak havoc to the cardiovascular health.

Fat-Free Food Items

Just because something is fat-free doesn’t mean it’s the perfect choice for a weight-watcher. It’s also important for a consumer to scan the list of ingredients as many fat-free items come packed with sugar to make up for the absence of fat.

Canned Soups

Soups are often consumed by weight-watchers for the fact that they contain minimal calories and lots of water. However, a quick scan of the label will make it clear that the canned varieties contain added ingredients that are bad for the body.

Granola Bars

The base ingredients of granola bars such as nuts, dried fruits and oats are good for you due to the nutrients they pack. What make the end product less than recommendable are the loads of honey, sugar and trans fat added.

Sports Drinks

It’s true that sports drinks replace electrolytes lost through sweat as you carry out an intense workout. However, these beverages are also packed with sugar and carbohydrates that can undermine the attainment of your fitness goal.

Diet Soft Drinks

The first instinct of many people who like to shed off excess pounds is to grab diet soft drinks. The fact is the consumption of these sugar-free beverages may actually increase a dieter’s desire to lap up and wolf down anything sweet.

Restaurant Baked Spuds

Baked potatoes are an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. The kinds that are offered at restaurants are usually detrimental to the health, courtesy of the added butter, cheese, bacon bits and other fatty stuff.

Instant Rice Pilaf

The likes of brown and long-grain rice are packed with gut-friendly dietary fiber and energy-giving complex carbohydrates. Manufacturers of instant rice pilaf, sadly, add a lot of sodium and unhealthy seasonings in their commodities.

Gluten-Free Baked Items

Gluten-free cakes, biscuits, brownies and other baked goodies may be actually free of gluten dreaded by many. It doesn’t mean, however, that these treats are also devoid of health-damaging ingredients like sugar and refined flour.

Baked Chips

Indeed, baked chips contain lesser amounts fats. It’s exactly due to this fact why they are less filling, causing you to potentially consume lots of them before finally feeling satisfied.

Fiber-Fortified Food Products

Researches have shown that man-made fiber added into certain food products may not be able to provide exactly the kind of health benefits that all-natural dietary fiber can bring.

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