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Foods That Make You Want More Food

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We all know that starving yourself to death is not a smart way to lose weight. When you feel hunger kick in, eat — provided that it’s really hunger and not just boredom AND you reach for appropriate servings of figure-friendly foods! But did you know that there are certain foods that tend to leave you feeling hungrier than before?

Hunger is actually brought about by all sorts of complex processes taking place in the likes of the brain, stomach, pancreas and gut. The amount of sugar present in your bloodstream is also a key factor — the higher your blood sugar levels, the hungrier you feel. There are foods known to cause your blood sugar to spike — eat them and you will find yourself eating more than necessary, eventually sabotaging your weight loss goals!

So the next time you feel hungry, avoid the following edible landmines that will surely make you feel hungry as a bear even though your stomach is not empty:

White Bread

Stripped of all the health-giving nutrients found in grains most especially fiber, white flour used for making white bread can cause your blood sugar to skyrocket. It’s no wonder why a recent study in Spain found out that participants who had a couple of servings of white bread daily were 40 percent more likely to become overweight than those who didn’t.

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Sushi Rolls

There’s no denying that fish is good for your figure and health. So why should you stir clear of sushi rolls? It’s because you are actually eating more rice than fish. Take for example an 8-piece serving of California rolls: according to nutrition experts, it packs over 30 grams of carbohydrates — making it equivalent to 3 slices of white bread!


A lot of weight-watchers reach for juices, but these allegedly healthy beverages are actually packed with all the sugars in fruits and none of the fiber found in the pulp or skin. It’s for this reason why chugging a glass of juice can cause your blood sugar to increase and leave you feeling hungry. You are better off guzzling down homemade smoothies.

Salty Treats

Just about any salty snack on the planet is out of simple carbohydrates that are absorbed easily and boost the amount of sugar in your blood stream. What’s more, your brain immediately associates instant energy supply with sweets ­— and that is why you are likely to reach for something sugary after devouring that bag of salty chips or pretzels.

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Low-Fat Yogurt

If you think that snacking on low-fat yogurt won’t ruin your figure, think again. Because this purportedly waistline-friendly treat has more carbohydrates in it than fat, it’s not unlikely for you to crave more of it — or any other food for that matter. Your best bet is to grab a small serving of plain Greek yogurt sprinkled with nuts, seeds and/or fruits.


It’s no secret that alcohol can lead to poor judgment, which can leave a weight-watcher like you going for foods that can ruin your figure. Also, according to the experts, alcohol consumption hacks the level of leptin (a hormone designed to make you feel satiated and regulate fat storage) in your body by as much as 30 percent!

MSG-Containing Foods

Short for monosodium glutamate, MSG is a flavor booster commonly found in Chinese dishes as well as canned goods such as soups and vegetables. There’s also lots of it in processed meats. Studies have shown that anything with MSG increases your appetite by 40 percent, and damages the hypothalamus which dulls the effect of the hormone leptin.

Anything with Artificial Sweeteners

The likes of sucralose, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners definitely pack 0 calories. So they won’t sabotage your weight loss goals, right? Wrong! They make your brain think that you are about to please it with a sinfully sweet treat — only to let it down. This may result in an irresistible craving for something that actually contains tons of sugar.

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Do you chew gum to take your mind off hunger? Don’t! The chewing action will only leave you feeling hungrier as your stomach fill itself with digestive juices, thinking that there’s something about to slide down your esophagus. Especially if your gum of choice contains artificial sweetener (refer above), then reaching for something unhealthy is not far behind.

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