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Foods That Reduce Body Temperature

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According to health authorities, the normal body temperature of a healthy adult can range anywhere from 36.1°C to 37.2°C — that’s 97°F to 99°F. Anything that’s lower or higher than that can cause some discomfort. Having extremely low or high temperature can also wreak havoc on the body.

No matter if it is right in the middle of summer, a fever is going on or you just finished your intense cardio workout, you can help lower your body temperature by consuming certain foods, in particular those that possess the ability to reduce a person’s body temperature. So whether you want to feel cool or minimize the discomfort a fever brings, keep on reading — the following are some of the foods that you may eat to help reinstate your normal body temperature.

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The reason why a lot of oral and personal care products have cooling properties is mint present in them. The intake of this herb is a wonderful idea each time your temperature is elevated. You may take advantage of its ability to lower the body temperature by brewing a few fresh leaves of it in hot water, then dunking some ice cubes in it.

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Mother Nature is smart — since she knows very well that watermelon is very good at lowering the body temperature, she made this super hydrating fruit in season when it’s summer time. Just like what its name says, a watermelon is packed with water. In fact, scientists say that water makes up about 92 percent of this fruit.

Honeydew Melon

Another fruit that can be found abundantly during the hottest months of the year is honeydew melon. Needless to say, its being in season during summer is a well-though-out plan of Mother Nature. So go ahead and munch on a few slices of honeydew lemons during or after engaging in all sorts of fun outdoor summer activities.

Lemon Juice

It’s also during the sweltering-hot months of the year when lemon juice comes aplenty. Aside from being rich in immune-system boosting vitamin C, lemon juice is also very good at lowering one’s temperature. By the way, it’s also good for the skin, which means it can help you look stunning in your summer adventure snapshots.

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Coconut Water

While traveling to a tropical paradise, it’s not unlikely for your body temperature to wind up higher than normal due to the blistering sun or hot and humid weather. The good news is coconut water can be found abundantly in most tropical destinations on the planet, and drinking it can help your body to reduce its core temperature.


Everyone’s well aware that milk is a phenomenal source of calcium that lowers a person’s risk of osteoporosis. However, it’s not just osteoporosis risk that it may fend off, but also overheating. Definitely, a glass of fresh milk that’s straight from the refrigerator is the kind that can really help restore a normal body temperature.


It’s not just lots and lots of edible seeds that pomegranates have, but also juice. So in other words, these nutritionally-dense fruits can help bring back your elevated body temperature to within what’s regarded as the normal range. You may consume pomegranates whole or turn them into refreshing juice.

Nuts and Seeds

Aside from supplying your body with protein and omega-3 fatty acids, various nuts and seeds can also fend off high body temperature. That is why snacking on them is perfect during summer. It’s also a fantastic idea to have some of them after working out since their high quality protein content is essential for building lean muscles.

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