Foods to Avoid that Contain Bad Fat

Trans fats: they sound like they’re the most awful fats on the block due to the flack they are getting most especially from nutritionists and health authorities. Well, there are so many good reasons why they are regarded as bad. Not only do trans fats raise the levels of bad cholesterol, but they also lower good cholesterol that keeps in check the bad type and helps ward off inflammation. Continue reading to know which foods are loaded with trans fats so you may make better choices.

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Fried Foods

Just about anything fried, including most especially the kind served at fast food joints, is very likely to have been dipped in boiling oil containing trans fats. Just because something is deep-fried in vegetable oil doesn’t mean it’s a healthier choice. Much of today’s vegetable oils are also hydrogenated, making them excellent sources of those health-damaging tans fats.


There was a time when margarine was regarded as something healthier than butter because it’s not an animal product. However, the real truth about hydrogenated oils surfaced, instantly giving margarine a terrible reputation. Each time you shop for spreads, check the label to ensure that what you are placing in your cart is the reduced-fat or fat-free variant.

Shakes and Creamy Drinks

They may taste like heaven but so many types of shakes and creamy beverages are packed with trans fats that can cause all sorts of health problems in the long run. Soft serve ice cream with lots of trans fats can be hard on your heart health.

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Breakfast Sandwiches

Refrain from grabbing those ready-made breakfast sandwiches at the local supermarkets as many of them come loaded with trans fats. It’s a better idea for you to create sandwiches from scratch each and every time. This allows you to ensure that nothing packed with trans fats goes into what you serve on the table for you as well as your loved ones to enjoy.


Baked goodies are some food items that contain a lot of trans fats. This is especially true for an assortment of fruit and cream pies being sold frozen at your local supermarkets. The good news is so many bakeshops these days have actively scrapped ingredients loaded with trans fats. When eating out, double check that the pies contain no unhealthy oils.

Sweet Buns and Biscuits

If baking is not your forte, you are likely to opt for these ready-to-eat goodies to impress everyone at home. The fact is none of them can be impressive most especially when the health is concerned. A quick look at the packaging of many of today’s sweet buns and biscuits will reveal the fact that they contain trans fats, courtesy of hydrogenated oils.

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