How French Women Stay Slim Easily

French women have this ability to look very much put together without any effort. Many magazines are graced by these lovely ladies and for sure, you’ll see a French lady walking on a runway exuding grace and beauty. It is not really surprising that many of us would like to know the secrets on how they manage to stay slim even when they seem to be indulging one time too many. Sounds interesting?

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Here are some tips that you can learn from them.

Moderation is everything

The thing about the French is that they do not overindulge themselves when it comes to food. Yes, their meals are usually comprised of meat and heavy cream sauces that it might give you a heart attack just thinking about eating them constantly. Well, for French women, moderation is key to looking good. Also, they do not believe in restricting themselves as this can easily backfire when they are not too careful. What’s more, having a glass of wine during mealtimes is not going to ruin your diet as the French tend to mix this drink with their meal to get a more robust flavor from their food.

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Choose fresh produce

If you’ve been to France or are planning on taking a trip there, make sure that you pay attention to the meals that they serve in restaurants. You will find that most of them serve fresh produce which is one of the reasons why many are able to stay slim. Eating fresh ingredients such as fruits and vegetables ensure that your body is getting their much needed nutrients to keep their metabolism running properly plus keep free radicals and other diseases from wreaking havoc to their overall health.

They slow down

The problem with most of us is that we barely take the time to slow down when eating. Blame it on our busy schedule or force of habit, but many of us take our meals while standing or at our desk because we need to get to work as soon as possible. For French women, eating their meals should be done slowly in order to savor the food in front of you and to socialize with friends as well. Eating while standing in France is not a good idea and it is a practice that many of us should try out if we want to stay slim. You see, by sitting down and actually paying attention to what we are eating, we’ll be more aware on whether we are full or not.

Walking is a must

Never underestimate the power of walking when it comes to keeping excess weight at bay. This is one of the secrets that French women follow which leaves them looking slim and beautiful. Many of us are guilty of sticking with public transport to get to our destination but sometimes, taking a walk can provide us with more enjoyment since we will be able to see more of our surroundings not to mention, get to burn off plenty of calories at the same time.

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