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Fruit Peel Benefits | Benefits of Orange Peels

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It would be a big waste to dispose orange peels. Apart from being used as a fridge freshener, orange peels have healthy benefits and other uses, present since ancient times.


Two things: One, orange peels combat bad cholesterols in the body. Two, it is edible. Be warned however, and keep this important detail in mind: Eat only orange peels that are confirmed to have come from a certified organic farm or ones with a white and green USDA Certified Organic sticker. Otherwise, the unknown chemicals mixed with the peel would make consuming it hazardous.


Orange peels contain a large amount of dietary fiber, which combats digestive problems or disorders, including ingestion problems. Another curative property found in peels is the chemical compounds, which averts cancer and relieves heartburns.


It is very safe to healthy and of benefit that we consume orange peels along with the orange itself on a daily basis. However, we would like to repeat again for the purpose of your own safety: Eat only orange peels that are confirmed to have come from a certified organic farm or ones with a white and green USDA Certified Organic sticker.


Orange peels have additional purposes aside from its health benefits.  All it takes is a little creativity and you’re good to go!


We already know orange peels are effective health fresheners and therefore feel no need to give attention to that fact. How about we try using orange peels to whiten our teeth by rubbing its insides over the teeth? If you suspect that it would result in a sensitive teeth, let me tell you brother, it’s the other way around: orange peels prevent sensitive teeth. It’s not just the teeth that orange peels whiten, it’s also the skin. Orange peel extracts lightens and covers up dark spots and blemishes.

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If you are one of the many who fears insects or are highly disgusted by them, orange peels can keep you away from your nightmares. All you have to do is grate the peels and scatter them around. You don’t have to worry about ants because ants themselves actually dislike orange peels. 95 percent of orange peels are made up of limonene substance, which insects and ants dislike. Apart from terrorizing ants, orange peels can also destroy anthills. Blend orange peels in a blender, add a cup of water, blend again until it’s smooth and pour the mixture directly onto their hills to send them a clear message that they’re unwanted around your territory.

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