Get Flawless Foundation Every Time

Among all of our makeup steps the most important one to master is applying foundation. No matter how good your eye makeup is or how on point your brows are if you have patchy or uneven foundation the whole look goes to waste. Foundations are the base of your whole makeup. So, mastering this step is incredibly important. There are different techniques to help you get that flawless foundation every time. We’ve asked the best advice and tips for flawless and even foundation from beauty gurus and makeup artist. These are what they shared with us.

Pick The Right Shade

A lot of us settle for the wrong shade of foundation. It can difficult to find the right shade specific for your skin tone and skin type. Though, there are so many products out there is at least one that would be perfect for your skin tone. Picking the right foundation for your skin tone will not stand out, it will blend into your skin giving you that perfect flawless appearance. The wrong foundation can give you a mask like appearance that can be distracting. You may have to look at different brands before you can finally get the right one. If that doesn’t work, you have to learn to use different shades and mix it together to create the right shade. Experiment as much as you can and make use of all the samples you can use in stores.

Create an Even Surface

Before you start with your base you have to make sure that you have an even surface. Pores are one of the biggest reasons why foundations tend to appear uneven. Applying for the first few minutes will be fine, but after a few hours and the foundation starts to settle. The pores will become visible and would require a few touch ups to cover. To avoid this scenario, you have to handle the pores before application. Pick a primer that can handle your pores and help keep the foundation in place. If you have visible pores, splash cold water in your face or rub an ice cube before applying primer. This will help close the pores and make foundation appear more flawless.

Skip Matte Products

Matte formulas for foundation are great if you have oily skin. This can keep the foundation looking even, the excess oil in your skin won’t affect it or make it appear too dry. Though, if you have dry skin or even normal skin. Straying away from this type of product is a good idea. Matte products may look good in the beginning, but once it settles on the skin, it can appear dry and patchy. This can also make your skin look a lot drier. Matte products are great if you are willing to match it with hydrating sprays. If you really want the effect of matte foundation, then you can opt for luminous versions. They have the same effects without the dry appearance.

Never Go Commando

Applying foundation directly on freshly washed face is not a good idea. Applying moisturizer or primer before your foundation is incredibly important. Not only will this give you an even surface. It can also help foundation glide on the skin. It makes blending and application a lot easier. This also reduces the chance of patches. When we apply foundation on cleanse face, there are certain areas that are drier, has a lot more pores or discolored. This can lead to patches or caking. You don’t have to shell out a lot for a primer. You can use moisturizer and massage it well. Leave it to dry completely before applying foundation.

Keep It Light

Some of us make the mistake of adding more foundation to compromise for the uneven appearance. This is a huge mistake and huge waste of product. All you really need to get the right foundation finish is the right primer, brush or sponge and the right foundation. If you need to apply 3 layers of foundation, then you are using the wrong product. Foundation should be able to make your face appear flawless, but not feel like you are wearing a mask. Keep your makeup light and use concealers to hide other imperfections that your foundation can’t cover.

Foundation now a days have come a long way from a few decades ago. The foundation is likely to become chalky, cakey or become patchy. There are setting spray that can keep the foundation in place even through the rain. So, the only factors that may affect your flawless foundation is using the wrong product or using the wrong technique. The next time you apply your foundation, try out these tips and see the difference. Do you have other tips to help make foundation flawless? Share it with us!

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