Get Rid of Eye Bags or Puffy Eyes the Natural Way

These things will help you prevent having eye bags and puffy eyes:
• Get rid of toxins from the body. Drink lots and lots of water.
• Lessen the amount of the sodium intake.
• Do not stay up late at night. Sleep early.
• Exercise to improve the circulation of blood

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Cold Splash
Fluid retention in the eye results in puffiness. A splash of cold water on the puffed spots can bring the eyes back to their normal state. Doing so is a great help to restore the right circulation of the fluid.

Chilled Spoons
Put the spoons over the eyes. This will make the blood vessels constrict and lessen the eye’s puffiness.

Egg White
Absorption of water and reduction of inflammation in the body is achieved with egg whites. When applied under the eye, it results to the removal of excess water.

Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E is closely related to the skin. It will keep the skin healthy and at the same time reduce the swelling of the eyes. Dip cotton pads in chilled water mixed with vitamin E oil. This will be of great use in the reduction of the swelling of the eyes.

Almond Oil
The oil is great for the nourishment of the skin as it keeps it moisturized. Take 2-3 drops of almond oil and apply under the eyes. Massage the area lightly with the ring finger. Avoid adding pressure to the finger. Massaging it is the good way to improve the circulation of the blood.

Dip two cotton pads into chilled milk. Put the pads over the eyes and let them rest for at least 20 minutes. Rinse with water.

Potato will lessen the swelling because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Cut chilled potatoes placed over the eyes for at least 20minutes will bring great changes to your eyes.

Like potatoes, sliced chilled cucumbers placed over the eyes will help regulate the blood flow under the eyes. It has anti-inflammatory properties, too.

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