Get Rid of Intestinal Parasites Using Only a Couple of Ingredients!

Just the thought of having icky worms lurking in your intestines should be enough for you to start reconsidering your poor diet! The consumption of food that those parasites love is like welcoming more of them to live inside you and thrive by wolfing down on the nutrients you supply your body with via the diet.

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It’s true that there are medications to drive away these worms. However, just like with most other medications, their intake tends to come with a bunch of side effects. Luckily, it is possible to get rid of those pesky critters in your gut through a variety of natural methods. One of them involves the daily intake of a couple of tablespoons of an anti-parasite solution that can be easily made in your kitchen using only 2 ingredients that can be obtained trouble-free at the supermarket.

Before we put the spotlight on the said solution, let us spend some time getting to know parasites and all the unfavorable effects they bring. By knowing these things, you will have a clearer idea on why they should be driven away pronto.

Parasites are organisms that live in another organism which is called the host. Those parasitic creatures tend to benefit so much from all the nutrients in the body of its chosen host, but it is an entirely different story when it comes to the host itself. Indeed, the relationship between a parasite and its host is just a one-way street!

There are numerous parasites that may live in you. Some of them may actually live on you, such as in the case of lice. However, worms that live in the intestines are some of the most common parasites in human beings. Do take note that some of these parasites can actually live elsewhere in your body — blood, muscles, nerves, brain, liver, heart, etc. No matter where they are, one thing is for sure: parasites are certainly not welcome!

Weakness, fatigue, abdominal bloating, gas — these and more are just some of the things that you may experience when you have worms in your intestines. The best way to determine whether or not they are there is, of course, by seeing a general practitioner (GP). The presence of those parasites can be determined through some simple laboratory tests.

Once their presence is confirmed, the GP will prescribe medications that are formulated to kill off those unwelcome creatures residing in your gut. However, this does not mean that those creeps won’t bother you again!

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It is important to mind what you eat. The quickest way to permit those parasitic worms inside you is by consuming foods that are contaminated. Also, it’s a good idea to opt for a healthy diet. You should limit your intake of sugary foods because those nasty parasites love sugar. Besides, limiting your intake of sugar is also good for your health in general. It helps reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, chronic inflammation and so many other problems.

So, are you ready to know how to whip up that anti-parasite solution mentioned above? Here’s the simple recipe:


• 10 grams cloves (dried)
• 100 grams linseed


1. Grab your grinder.
2. Grind the ingredients until they’re turned into powder.

That’s how simple it is! Despite of being trouble-free to make, it is very effective in driving away those worms thriving in your gut. You just have to take a couple of tablespoons of this powder in the morning for 3 days. Refrain from taking it for the next 3 days, then take for another 3 days. The cycle should be performed for an entire month. By the way, you may sprinkle the powder on your breakfast cereals or mix it with a glass of milk.

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