Ginger : Lots of Home Remedy Uses

Ginger is an essential ingredient in a lot of Asian dishes. It is very pungent, spicy, aromatic and sweet. Ginger brings an extra zest to cooking. It can be used to bring a little spice to soups or stews and a little sweetness to stir fries. This aromatic root is available in the market throughout the year. Gingers unlike other plants are not seasonal. Like potatoes gingers are found underground. The flesh or the inside of the ginger can vary in color depending on the variety, it can be white, yellow or red. The skin is mostly brownish in color.

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There are a lot of different uses for ginger aside from cooking.

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10 Terrific Benefits of Ginger

• Got a stuffy nose? Are your sinuses bugging you? Ginger tea will fix that right up. Ginger can remove micro-circulatory passages in our body. That fixes problems in the nose and throat.
• Don’t feel like eating? Losing energy from the lack of eating? Chew on some ginger before a meal, this boosts the appetite and enhance digestive juices.
• Do you get carsick easily or get too nauseous on certain rides? Take a piece of ginger and chew on it during the ride. To improve the benefits and taste, toss the ginger in some honey.
• Ginger can help you get the best of your nutritional benefits. It can improve absorption and breakdowns of nutrients needed by the body.
• It’s the time of the month again and you are balled in your bed from stomach cramps. Instead of taking medication, try eating some ginger. This also works for stomach cramp.
• If you are suffering from joint pains, you should try incorporating more ginger in your diet or in your bath. Using ginger essential oil to your regular bath bombs or bath scrubs can relieve joint pains and lessen inflammation.
• Do you feel an annoying lump in your throat or do you feel your nose is congested? Drink some boiled ginger tea! It removes the congestion and brings a warm and soothing feeling in the body.
• People who are post-operation can chew on some ginger to relieve from nausea and further inflammation.
• A natural aphrodisiac. Ginger can help boost sexual urges and energy. Add some ginger to your soup or appetizer for some bedroom fun.
• Feeling gassy? Ginger can relieve you from flatulence.

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