Good Things Guava Leaf Tea Gives (#8 Will Make You a Standout!)

Indigenous to tropical regions of the planet, the guava tree bears fruits that are loaded with vitamin C and fiber. Did you know that it’s not just the guava fruit that deserves the spotlight, but also the young leaves? For so many years now, traditional healers in South America and Asia use young guava leaves in treating various problems, from something as simple as diarrhea to as serious as cancer.

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If you have a guava tree in your backyard, you can benefit from the healing properties of young guava leaves by turning them into tea. All you have to do is pick a few pieces of young guava leaves, wash them thoroughly, and allow them to steep in a hot cup of water. After a few minutes, remove the leaves and start sipping the tea.

Here are some of the amazing things that a cup of guava leaf tea is known to offer:


  1. It Helps Promote Weight Loss

Studies suggest that guava leaf tea helps keep blood sugar levels from spiking, thus warding off hunger pangs. Every serving of this healthy beverage also contains 0 calories. Each time you feel like reaching for a slice of chocolate cake, slowly sip a cup of guava leaf tea — chances are your craving will no longer be there afterwards.


  1. It Also Aids in Diabetes Management

Just like what’s said above, guava leaf tea is very good at keeping high blood sugar levels in check, and that’s why it is a beverage that diabetics may benefit from. In fact, the consumption of guava leaf tea is considered in Japan as an important part of managing diabetes effectively.


  1. It May Lower Bad Cholesterol

Numerous studies suggest that the regular consumption of guava tea leaf may help lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Antioxidants in the said beverage help keep cholesterol in food from being oxidized and winding up in the blood stream. Pair the intake of this tea with healthy eating habits and regular exercise for best results.


  1. It May Lower Your Heart Disease Risk

Did you know that the number one killer on the planet is heart disease? Luckily, there are a number of ways to have your risk of it lowered, and one of them is the consumption of antioxidant-rich guava leaf tea. That’s because it helps prevent high blood pressure, something that can lead to heart disease.


  1. It May Keep Deadly Cancer at Bay

Thanks to the loads of antioxidants in guava leaf tea, drinking the beverage may help prevent deadly cancer from striking. One of the many antioxidants found in the said tea is lycopene, which is known to be very good at warding off cancers, most especially oral, prostate and breast cancers.


  1. It Cures a Number of Oral Problems

Do you have a nagging toothache or an oral sore? Do you have swollen gums? Brew a cup of guava leaf tea and allow it to cool to room temperature. Use it as a mouth rinse 2 to 3 times a day. You may also pound young guava leaves and apply directly on problem areas. Of course you should still see your dentist just to be safe.


  1. It Soothes Issues Related to Digestion

Traditional healers recommend the intake of guava leaf tea to those who are suffering from diarrhea. That’s because the beverage has antimicrobial properties, zapping those diarrhea-causing bacteria in the gut. Guava leaf tea also helps restore normal functioning of the GI tract as it effectively reduces excess mucus.


  1. It Helps Improve Your Skin

Since vitamin C found abundantly in guava leaf tea is good for your skin, consuming the beverage on a regular basis can help ward off premature skin aging signs. You may also daub cool guava leaf tea on acne to deliver antioxidant and bacteria-fighting compounds right where they are needed.


  1. It Wards Off Thinning of Hair

When used topically, guava leaf tea can prevent unnecessary hair loss. Simply brew a cup of guava leaf tea and allow it to sit around until it becomes cool. Hit the shower and shampoo your hair as you would. Afterwards, wring out excess water and massage the tea into your scalp. Allow it to drip for a while and then towel dry.


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