Got Watery Eyes? Here are the Common Causes

There are many reasons why you have watery eyes. They include irritation, allergies, inflammation, infections — all of these things can prompt your tear glands to produce more tears than usual. Sometimes it can be due due a blockage in the tear duct, and it’s something that can cause tears to accumulate.

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Below you will come across some of the most common culprits behind those watery eyes of yours.


Coming into contact with irritants can certainly cause your eyes to get watery. This doesn’t come as a surprise because your body is just trying to make sure that your peepers are out of harm’s way — your immune system springs into action by prompting your tear glands to produce extra tears to wash away irritants.


Using your eyes for extended periods of time such as surfing the internet on your PC or playing a video game on your smartphone can leave your eyes dry as you’re not blinking as often as you should. This causes your tear glands to attempt to deal with the issue by producing more tears than necessary.


Runny nose, sneezing, skin itching — everyone knows that these are some of the most common symptoms of an allergy. Don’t forget that an allergy can also cause your eyes to end up watery! To deal with the problem, you may count on OTC eye drops or antihistamines. Identifying and steering clear of allergens can keep the problem from striking in the first place.


Also more commonly known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is the infection and inflammation of the thin tissue that covers the whites of your eyes and also the lining of your inner eyelids. It can be due to bacteria or viruses, although at times it may be due to allergies, too. Don’t touch your eyes as you may end up spreading the infection!

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Blocked Tear Ducts

Your tear glands produce tears, and your tear ducts allow excess tears to drain from your peepers and into your nose. In some instances, the tear ducts can become blocked, and this can cause tears to pool in your eyes. There are many reasons why your tear ducts can end up clogged, and taking a trip to an ENT specialist is a good idea.


Having a sty can leave your eyes watery for a couple of reasons. First, the pain can definitely cause your eyes to end up watery. Second, irritation caused by the bump can trigger your tear glands to produce more tears than necessary in order to minimize irritation. Treating the sty can put an end to watery eyes as well as the other signs and symptoms.

Ingrown Eyelashes

Sometimes an eyelash of yours may grow inwards, and this can irritate the surface of your eye each time you blink. A trip to the doctor’s office can help deal with the problem by having the ingrown eyelash plucked. If it tends to grow inwards all the time, permanent surgical removal of the eyelash may be warranted.

Scratched Cornea

One of the most sensitive parts of your body is your cornea, which is the transparent outer layer of the front of your eye. This is why when it gets scratched you tend to feel a lot of pain and also end up with plenty of tears. A scratched cornea usually tends to heal on its own, but sometimes meeting with an eye doctor is essential to fend off an infection.

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