Great Bridesmaid Hairstyle

We all know that the wedding day is all about the bride, but you still want everyone to look good especially the bridesmaids. There will be a lot of photo opts and you’d want everyone to look picture perfect. Weddings can be incredibly chaotic. There are so many things to plan. From your wedding dress, venue, dresses, flower arrangements and so on. To lessen some of the burden of organizing we’ve organized some of the greatest bridesmaid hair style and which style fits which dress style, location and hair length.

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Side Swept

The side swept hairstyle is one of the greatest and most used hairstyles for bridesmaids. They look amazing at outdoor weddings. It can work in bohemian style, beach weddings, garden weddings and any wedding theme that have a care free or sweet theme. This hair can fit short hair, long hair, curly and even straight hair. Side swept is also perfect for one shoulder dresses, sweetheart necklines and tube type dresses. You can make your bridesmaid sports all sides swept styles with different variation or accessories.

Up do

Up dos are classic hairstyles that are usually worn by the bride, but it can also be a great bridesmaid hair too. This is a great option if you are having a hotel reception or a church wedding. It gives off a classic and elegant look making it great for traditional weddings. This hairstyle looks amazing in pictures and can show off any type of dress or gowns. Just make sure that your bridesmaids are not wearing hair that is close to your own or an up do that is too loud. Classic ballerina buns are amazing for church weddings and braided up do’s can work for garden weddings. It’s about variation, but you have to take note on bridesmaid that have short hair.

Casual Hair

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Casual hair is hair that doesn’t appear to made-up and is simple but pretty. Side braids, messy braided buns, naturally straight hair, sleek low ponytails and more. These types of hairstyles are perfect for outdoor weddings. They look so effortlessly chic and gives your bridesmaids a lot of options when picking their desired hairstyle. This looks great in photos. Casual hair is also easy to manage and do. Giving you and your bridesmaids more time to prepare and soak in the upcoming occasion. Though, there is a difference between casual hair and messy hair. This type of style would be great if you prefer your bridesmaids to use the same hairstyle.

Half Up Half Down

Half up half down styles gives you the best of both worlds. It can appear chic, romantic, sweet, classic and casual. This style is one of the prettiest options for bridal hair. It looks amazing for evening receptions, garden weddings and beach weddings. This hair is also suitable for both short and long hair. It can really show off the face without removing too much focus away from the bride. If you really want a sweet and romantic do look at the different variety of half up and half down. Half up and half down hairstyles work best on flowy dresses and cocktail dress, but it can look good on any style.


Have you considered making your bridesmaid wear a certain accessory? Adding accessories to their hair can make their different hairstyles coherent to each other, make photos a lot better and add to the theme of the wedding. For example, if you have a garden wedding you can make them wear flower crowns. If you are planning for a bohemian style wedding, matching headbands or brooches can add more to their hairstyle. Accessories are a great way to add more drama to the hair without doing too much to it.

Before you look pick any of these different hairstyle, you first must have a concrete idea of what you want the hair to look like and what your own wedding hairstyle to be. You don’t want any of your bridesmaid to be wearing a hairstyle close to yours and you don’t want them to be wearing hairstyles that are way too far from your theme that it appears distracting. The bridal hair needs to be pretty without taking too much attention from the bride. You also have to consider if you want a one look for all your bridesmaid, different style for each or for them to stick to one theme such as braids, accessories or up DOS. We hope that this was able to help you pick the perfect hairstyle for your special day!

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