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Habits That Can Increase Your Risk of Having Jock Itch

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Jock itch, contrary to popular belief, does not only strike the groin area. This fungal infection can also affect nearby areas such as the thighs and buttocks. No, just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean that there is no need for you to worry about having this very itchy problem ever — it’s true that it is often seen in men and adolescent males, but women are not impervious to it at all!

Whether you’re a male or female, it is very much possible for you to have a bout of jock itch if you are guilty of any or several ones of these following habits:


Unhealthy Diet and Lifestyle

Poor eating habits, smoking, alcoholism and stress can leave your immune system weakened, and this can put you at risk of having jock itch. You see, the fungi responsible for the dreaded condition are actually present on your skin. If your immune system is compromised by unhealthy diet and lifestyle (as well as certain medical conditions), those fungi are given the chance to multiply, potentially causing jock itch.


Not Minding Having Athlete’s Foot

Do you have athlete’s foot? Then keeping it left untreated can make you end up with jock itch. It’s for the fact that the fungi responsible for athlete’s foot are also the ones behind jock itch! If you happen to scratch your affected foot and then you touch your groin with the same hand, it’s not unlikely for fungi to multiply in there and cause jock itch. So if you have athlete’s foot, don’t scratch — or simply have the problem dealt with right away.

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Being Intimate with an Infected Person

According to the habit discussed before this one, it’s evident that jock itch is a highly contagious skin disease. This exactly the reason why having direct contact with an individual who has jock itch can leave you suffering from such embarrassing and annoying problem, too! So before you get intimate with somebody — in particular one whose medical and sexual history you are not sure about — do a little investigation!
Sharing Personal Items

You don’t need to engage in skin-to-skin contact with an infected person for you to have jock itch yourself. Did you know that using the personal items of someone with jock itch can leave you suffering from the itchy fungal problem, too? Certainly, you should refrain from putting on the underwear or using the towel of someone who may be secretly facing jock itch. Don’t share socks and footwear, too, as the problem may actually start from such.

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Wearing Tight Undies or Garments

If your underwear or pants are simply too tight for you, then you are at high risk of ending up with jock itch. Putting on something tight can increase warmth and sweating in your private areas — fungi responsible for jock itch love to thrive in warm and moist areas of the body! Keep jock itch at bay by going for clothes that fit properly. Also, it’s a good idea to opt for undies that are out of natural fibers, such as cotton.


Poor Personal Hygiene

Again, fungi responsible for jock itch love to set up camp in your groin and the nearby regions because of the warmth and moisture. Due to this, it is very important for you to regularly take a shower or bath, as well as put on a pair of clean underwear each time. So most especially if you are a naturally sweaty or very physically active person, or the weather is scorching hot, having top-notch personal hygiene all the time can keep jock itch at bay.


Not Losing Unwanted Pounds

Being obese is something that can considerably increase your risk of jock itch. How? First, all the excess weight can surely increase the temperature and moisture levels in your nether regions. Second, obesity can cause the weakening of your immune system and — just like what’s discussed earlier — this can encourage the multiplication of jock itch-causing fungi. So drop those unwanted pounds to prevent jock itch as well as many other medical conditions!

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