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Habits That are Harming Your Gut Bacteria

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Did you know that there are trillions and trillions of bacteria residing in your gut? But that’s okay because some of them are beneficial ones. Those good microbes not only keep the population of the bad ones in check, but also offer a number of health benefits, from boosting your immune system to lifting your mood.

Unfortunately, many of us are guilty of committing certain things that are wreaking havoc to the balance of bacteria in the gut. When such happens, all the harmful microbes in your intestines are given the opportunity to cause all sorts of problems concerning your health and wellbeing.

Needless to say, it’s very important for all of us to maintain the perfect balance of bacteria in the gut. In order to do that, we should be aware of certain habits that are proven to upset that much-needed balance.

Check out the following common habits that are harming your gut bacteria. Each time you come across something that you are guilty of, promise yourself that you will do your best to quit it ASAP.

Skipping Fermented Foods

Not fond of the taste of kimchi, tempeh, sauerkraut, natto and a bunch of other fermented foods? Then you are not doing your gut bacteria any favor. That’s because these foods are some of the best sources of beneficial bacteria that you should keep on introducing to your system to put those bad bacteria under control.

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If you cannot imagine yourself consuming fermented foods on a regular basis, you may simply get your hands on what’s called probiotic capsules. These supplements contain billions of various strains of bacteria, all of which are beneficial. Pop them in your mouth as recommended by the manufacturer.

Evading Yogurt

There is a food source of good bacteria that you are not going to have a hard time welcoming into your life, and that is yogurt. However, not all yogurts you can buy these days are the same. If you’re after your gut health, make sure that you check the packaging. The one to go for is the one that says “contains live cultures”.

It’s also important for you to opt for the plainest yogurt that you can. Many of today’s yogurts contain unnecessary ingredients to make them more appealing, like artificial flavorings and colorings. Also, lots and lots of them are packed with sugar, and the next habit will explain why it’s something that can upset gut bacteria balance.

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Consuming Refined Sugar

Bad bacteria love feasting on anything that contains refined sugar. You don’t want to give those harmful microbes what they want because it will only make them multiply, outnumbering those good bacteria that are keeping them in check. Foods and beverages laden with refined sugar should be crossed out of your everyday diet.

If you think that switching to foods and beverages that contain artificial sweeteners is good for your gut bacteria, better think again. According to scientific investigations conducted on animals, a diet that’s high in artificial sweeteners can cause the population of bad microbes to increase considerably.

Skipping Fiber-Rich Foods

Everyone knows that a diet that consists of foods rich in fiber is a wonderful idea as it helps optimize the process of digestion and keep constipation at bay. Experts say that it may lower heart disease and cancer risk, too. Are you aware that a high-fiber diet also helps in keeping the numbers of good bacteria in your gut up?

Fiber is actually one of the favorite treats of those beneficial microbes in your intestines. The more you feed them with fiber, the better they become at keeping the population of their bad counterparts in check. Fiber also sweeps out toxins in the gut that those harmful bacteria simply love.

Make sure that you share this article on your various social media sites to let everyone you care about know which habits of theirs are causing those bad bacteria in the gut to outnumber the good ones.

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