Habits That Keep You From Having a Good Night’s Sleep

We all know that failure to get enough sleep at night can lead to a host of problems — ranging from poor concentration to weight gain. The importance of spending 7 to 8 hours in dreamland every night cannot be stressed enough!

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If it seems like you are not getting much-needed shut-eye each time the sun is out, it could be due to some habits that you are fond of doing especially when bedtime is looming. Anything from having a cup of coffee just before hitting the sack, inability to take your hands off technology, and lack of exercise can keep you from getting some sleep at night. Scrapping the ones you are guilty of can keep you from the need to pop a sleeping pill in your mouth, something that leaves you with no choice but to put up with a bunch of nasty side effects the next day.

Continue reading to know some of the most common sleep saboteurs. While going through the list below, identify the ones that you are guilty of and vow never to do them again if you want to enjoy enough sleep every night.

Enjoying Your Favorite Java a Few Hours Before Nighttime

Did you know that half of the caffeine in that cup of coffee you just guzzled down takes about 6 hours to disappear from your system? Additionally, experts say that your body gets more and more inefficient in metabolizing caffeine as it ages. This is the reason why it’s a great idea to steer clear of coffee at about 3 to 4 in the afternoon if you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Don’t forget to dodge others that also contain the said addicting and stimulating substance — energy drinks, soda, green tea and even chocolates!

Glugging Down Servings of Alcohol

If you think that drinking alcohol can help you get some shut-eye, better think again. While it’s true that booze can make you feel sleepy because it is a depressant, it’s the kind of sleep that won’t make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning. Alcohol can keep you from enjoying the deep and restorative kind of sleep. What’s more, drinking can leave you with a nasty hangover that can easily offset any little and shallow sleep you had.

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Failure to Exercise and Exercising Just Before Hitting the Sack

Leading a sedentary life can wreak havoc to your health. It can also save you from having sufficient amounts of Z’s at night. Exercising for at least 20 minutes a day not only gets you in a great shape, but it also saves you from daytime drowsiness — a well-known sleep saboteur if you gave into it by napping! If the only time available for exercising is right after office hours, it’s a great idea to opt for mild to moderate workout routines (walking, swimming, bicycling, etc.) so that much of the adrenaline in your system is already gone by the time you’re ready to get some sleep.

Munching on a Lot of Food in Bed

Many people swear by the effectiveness of having a light snack in making them fall asleep without trouble. However, it is an entirely different story if you devour a lot just before you hit the sack — especially fatty foods. Doing so may leave you with a heartburn, the symptoms of which can definitely keep you from having some Z’s. When snacking before bedtime, opt for a cracker or piece of fruit, and dodge anything greasy and spicy which can set off a horrible heartburn.

Relying on Modern-Day Technology to Lull You to Sleep

Watching TV, playing a game on your tablet, streaming videos on your laptop — these things can leave you wide awake rather than help you get some sleep. Experts say that the bright artificial light emanating from these technological breakthroughs can actually wreak havoc to your body clock by delaying the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Switch off these things if you want to get to dreamland in no time.

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