Hair Coloring Tips You Must Know

Most women, and men for that matter, dye their hair from time to time. It might be because they want to try something new or they want to hide the greys in their temple and other white hairs. More often than not, they flock to hair salons to get their hair coloring done professionally but before you consider changing your hair color, there are a few tips that you might want to learn first.

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  1. DIY hair color. Adding highlights or covering the greys around your temples can be done at home. There are plenty of hair color treatments available so choose a shade that matches yours. Before you apply the dye, you should apply some petroleum jelly on your hairline to help prevent stains. Once you have applied the necessary color, turn on your timer to the required number of minutes. After it rings, you should wash your hair completely to remove excess dye.
  1. Don’t go two shades darker or lighter. If you are using a shortcut when it comes to dyeing your hair, make sure that you don’t go two shades lighter or darker than your normal hair color. One reason behind this is that the hair color that you are going to use is already pre-mixed which means that you cannot control the amount of peroxide present.
  1. Consult a specialist first. If this is your first time to have your hair colored, make an appointment first with your hair salon. This way, you can discuss the color that you want to use on your hair as well as hear advice as to whether it’s appropriate for you or not including the steps the stylist will use to transform your current hair color.
  1. Anti-frizz laminator. Styling your colored hair with styling tools that require heat might damage your hair strands causing frizz to appear. Spray some anti-frizz laminator afterwards to seal in the moisture and protect your hair against further damage. It can also help add shine to your tresses.
  1. Book a conditioning treatment. For those who just came back from the beach a few weeks after having their hair colored, make sure that you schedule a deep conditioning treatment with your stylist. This will help repair the damage done to your hair by the sun, sea, and wind so your hair color won’t fade easily.
  1. Apply phytonectar pre-shampoo ultra nourishing oil treatment. Another trick to preserve your hair color is to apply this product on your hair before bed time. This way, the nourishing properties of the oil treatment can seep into your scalp and hair to reverse the damage while ensuring the color of your hair stays longer. This pre-shampoo oil treatment contains vitamin E, egg-yolk oil, proteins, and lipids.
  1. Wear protective gear. If you have just colored your hair and you want to preserve its nice hue, wear protective gear when stepping outside your home. This means wearing hat, scarf or anything that can cover your hair to reduce the damage it can absorb from the UV rays.
  1. Look for the best hair salon. Another recommendation if you are considering dyeing your hair is to look for several hair salons and compare them with one another. Check their prices, their services, as well as customer feedback so that you will know you are getting your money’s worth if you do decide to get your hair done by them.

Dyeing your hair in a different shade shouldn’t be too much of a hassle especially when you follow these tips. For sure, you will look your best if you consider these helpful tips the next time you want to dye your hair.

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