Hair Removal Options For Different Parts Of Your Body

Many women shun away from body and facial hairs. Most skin experts recommend undergoing laser hair removal in getting rid of hair on other parts of the body as they offer permanent results. However, they are too heavy on the pocket. The treatment depends on the specific body part that needs to be treated as well as the number of sessions you need to spend with.

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Don’t fret. We list down variety of do-it-yourself ways to remove your body hairs. Check them out and select which of the following suit you best.

Upper Lip: Hair growth on the upper lip is the worst hair to deal because you cannot hide them. No clothing can conceal them. The only option you can do is to get rid of them as early as possible. Here are various options you can do to remove unwanted hair on your lip.

Good: Threading or tweezing

  • Pros: Threading and tweezing are both good in pulling the hair out at the root. This makes your skin remain intact and hair-free for a long time.
  • Cons: These processes can be painful and consumes time to remove every hair.

Better:  Shaving

  • Pros: Shaving is better to get rid of hair on your face because it is also a technique for exfoliation. To get the most out of shaving, use regular, quality razor, apply gentle cleanser instead of shaving cream and then pull your upper lip tight over your teeth to avoid nicks.

Best: Cold hard wax

  • Pros: Hard wax applied to the upper lip is the best technique to remove unwanted hairs because it is gentler and safer than hot wax. You are saving your skin from the risk of tearing.
  • Here are some reminders to guide a first timer doing this hair removing technique. If you are using retinoids, do not wax. Avoid waxing any area that has sunburn or compromised skin. Always do skin prep like putting on baby powder so the wax sticks on the area you need to remove hair. Pull the strips off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Don’t pull up, pull parallel to prevent pulling your skin. Soothe the skin afterwards with aloe vera.
  • Cons: This method might not get all the fine hairs.

Underarms: Most women would like to have hair-free underarms so they can wear any type of clothing they want without worrying about the hair on their pits. Here are the suggested hair removal techniques you can make to keep your pits hair-free.

Good: Cold hard wax

  • Pros: This method is a good option but it gets a little tricky due to weird angle. Definitely cold hard wax removes the hair on your pits and this can last for a month.
  • Cons: You need to have a few weeks of hair growth before you wax them again. This is not favourable especially during summer when you want to wear sleeveless.

Better: Shaving

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  • Pros: It is easy technique to get rid of your underarm hair, as it does not require too much time to do it.
  • Cons: The shadow that the heads of hair cast as it starts to grow back.

Best: At-home laser

  • Pros: You get to have hair-free underarm that lasts for several months.
  • Cons:  This technique is pricey. At-home lasers can still sting and it takes several weeks to start seeing the result.

Legs and Arms: Women do not find hairy legs and arms appealing so they find ways of removing them. Here are suggested techniques in removing those hairs.

Good: Bleaching

  • Pros:  Although bleaching is not a hair removal method as it changes the color of the hair, it is effective because the color stays for weeks. You can do it yourself at home. What other women do is they bleach the upper leg and arm area then shave the lower part of their leg or arm.
  • Cons: Bleaching can be too strong if you did not put the right amounts. It can cause rashes. If you undergo this method, avoid exposing your skin under the sun. Make sure you apply sunscreen before going out.

Better: Sugaring

  • Pros: This form of waxing is made from wax-like paste that composed of sugar, lemon and water but is gentler than commercial wax. You can remove hair at once and it does not dry and harden like wax. It is faster and more efficient form of removing hair than waxing. Since it is water-soluble based, it is easy to remove residue left after sugaring. If you missed some hair, you can redo the process without worrying about skin irritation.
  • Cons: It is hard to achieve the right consistency. Getting the right consistency is the key to remove unwanted hairs.  Another con to sugaring method is lack of knowledge on cleanliness can lead to skin infection.

Best: Cold hard wax

  • Pros: Since your legs are large, cold waxing is easy and create less mess compared to warm wax. Apply a thin layer of baby oil over your arms or legs after you wax to prevent drying. Baby oil also helps remove stubborn wax particles that stay stuck afterwards.

Bikini Line: Despite the on-going debate of removing hair down there or not, getting rid of hair on that sensitive area is complicated. You have to deal with the pain it gives. If you don’t want those bushes on that area, here are suggested methods you can do to take those hairs away.

Good: Trimmer

  • Pros: Trimmer is a perfect tool to use for those who do not want stray hair popping out of their swimsuit bottoms.

Better: Depilatory

  • Pros: They are easy and effective option in removing hair along the bikini line.
  • Cons: This method can cause burns if you have too sensitive skin and if you apply it and leave it longer than required.  To prevent burns, be sure to test a small area of the skin before you continue this hair removing method.

Best: Bikini Wax

  • Pros: There are DIY kits available for this method but it is recommended that a professional should do this hair removal method. Going on your own can be difficult because you need to get the right angle and can be a lot painful, too. As for the touch up, you can do it on your own. Bikini waxing gives long-lasting result and expect no hair growth for weeks.
  • Cons: You are at risk of ingrown hair because your undies or swimwear rubs against your skin. It is recommended to apply aloe vera after waxing. If your skin is too sensitive, you will experience redness after the treatment. Hence, apply cold compress or ice to soothe the area.
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