Hair Waxing: Pain-Free Hair Removal Tips

When it comes to hair waxing, people automatically assume that there will always be pain in the package. The experts say otherwise. You can remove hair pain-free and without hassle, safely, and easily. All that is required is the know-how and high quality products.

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Although it is hard to find, graphite wax is the most convenient choice in removing hair. Not only does it run smoothly, but it is also packed with vitamins and essential oils that reduce inflammation and pain. Surely, this sounds convincing.

The sensitivity of the skin is to be blamed for experiencing pain during hair waxing. Caffeinated beverages make the skin more sensitive. If you dislike pain while hair waxing, it’s obvious: avoid caffeinated beverages. Caffeine increases the blood flow as it is a natural stimulant.

Daily moisturizing and exfoliating specially a couple of days before waxing are critical in hair waxing. As stated earlier, high quality products are required in painless hair removal. One good example is coconut oil or moisturizers that cost $45 or others that are expensive.

A good tip in painless hair waxing is timing, timing is essential. You should only wax after three weeks because that’s when hairs are good to go. It is also the most favorable timeframe to wait between appointments.

Yet another truly painless method of removing hair is a method used in Egypt back in 1900s: sugaring. All you have to do is mix lemon with sugar resulting in a substance that resembles a gel. Afterwards, heat the gel and spread it over the parts where you want the hair removed. You don’t have to worry about bacteria either because you can, no actually you must, throw out the applicator after you have successfully applied the gel.

If for some reason, the above mentioned tips didn’t work for you or whatever it is that left you no choice but to wax your hair painfully, don’t worry. You can at least ease the pain by taking two Advil capsules a good thirty minutes before an appointment or meeting with anybody. Alternatively, a good pain reliever and anti-inflammatory is a pellet form of Arnica. Likewise, this should be taken thirty minutes before an interview.

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