Have You Heard of the Benefits of Putting Onions on Your Feet?

Perhaps you have read or heard before that it’s a good idea to place a slice of onion near you if you are suffering from the common cold or flu. Are you aware that some individuals not only put a slice of onion nearby, but actually secure one on their bodies, to be exact on the soles of their feet?

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If you are interested to know why some people do it, read on. Below you will learn about some of the benefits of putting a slice onion on your feet — you might end up enticed to try it when you hit the hay later on!

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There is no denying that some of the most overlooked parts of the body are the soles of your feet. That is a pity because the feet are a home to a lot of nerve endings that are connected to the various organs of the body. It is for this reason exactly why reflexology came into being, which is a form of therapeutic massage applied on the feet (and hands, too) designed to help release tension and even deal with a wide variety of health problems.

Proponents of placing onions on the feet state that the healing properties of onions can benefit the various organs of the body by means of the nerve endings situated in the soles of the feet.

It’s no secret that onions have a lot of amazing health perks to offer. According to scientists, onions have the ability to control inflammation and oxidative stress. These common culinary herbs are also admired for their blood pressure lowering, blood sugar reducing and blood detoxifying properties. Onions are known to lower cancer risk, too!

The best time to place onions on the soles of your feet is before bedtime, allowing them to stay there as you are fast asleep so that they have plenty of time to do their job.

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According to those who swear by putting onions on the feet, the best onions to go for are either red or white ones — the choice is all yours. Pick the largest onion that you can find and slice it crosswise, as though you are about to whip up some onion rings. Afterwards, grab one of the largest slices of onion. Press it on the arch of your foot and put on a sock to keep it in place. Perform the same steps on the other foot, and then catch some shut-eye.

The only issue that you may have with this is your room may smell like onions. But that’s okay — it’s a small price to pay for enjoying the many health benefits that are said to be offered by this very simple act.

Here are some of them:

Increased Immune System

Onions are rich in vitamin C, which is a nutrient so important for keeping the immune system up and running. It is said that placing onions on the soles of your feet can help reduce your risk of infections. What’s more, onions have natural antimicrobial properties, and they are known to help kill off disease-causing microbes in the body.

Detoxified Blood

Your blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells and tissues. In addition, it collects waste products and toxins to be flushed out of the body. It is believed that securing onion slices on your feet helps make it efficient for the body to rid the blood of poisonous substances before they can cause all sorts of health problems.

Reduced Blood Sugar

Diabetics and prediabetics alike can benefit tremendously from placing onions on the soles of their feet before bedtime, according to proponents. That’s because it is something that can stimulate the production of insulin, which helps take sugar from the bloodstream to the cells, thus keeping hyperglycemia or high blood sugar at bay.

Have you tried placing onions on your feet before going to sleep? If so, kindly share your experiences in the comments section below!

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