Health and Beauty Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth or DE may look like regular flour but it is not intended for baking, but for dealing with so many health and beauty problems. The powder you are seeing is made up of diatoms, which are actually fossilized phytoplankton — microscopic plants and other organisms from the sea.

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There are different types of diatomaceous earth currently available, and the only one that’s deemed safe for human consumption is the food-grade type which you can safely add to food or beverages. When adding to a glass of water, you will notice that DE won’t dissolve — it needs to be stirred vigorously just before consumption. Some people simply add it to smoothies or protein shakes.


What makes this product beneficial for the health is its silica content. Silica is a mineral that’s important for healthy skin, nails, hair, teeth and bones. What’s more, diatomaceous earth carries negatively charged ions, causing it to attract positively charged microorganisms in the body, flushing them out.


Applying DE topically may also be done. It possesses gentle exfoliating properties due to the fact that it is composed of dry and hard diatoms. Just how hard are they? Let’s just say that diamonds are 10 on the hardness scale and diatoms are 8. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Well, you will surely be impressed with the beauty benefits it can bring!


Here are some of the impressive health and beauty benefits of diatomaceous earth:


DE Keeps Your Skin Looking Young


Consuming it is known to support the production of collagen, a structural protein that makes your skin firm yet elastic, making it less susceptible to wrinkling. What makes diatomaceous earth capable of promoting the synthesis of collagen is its rich silica content.


It Gives You a Lasting Smile


Like what’s mentioned earlier, silica is essential for strong and healthy teeth. That’s why the intake of DE can help your pearly whites stay strong, giving you a smile that you can flash for a lifetime!


Diatomaceous Earth Prevents Osteoporosis


Silica is important for the formation of bones as well as for strengthening them. It’s for this reason why the intake of DE which contains high amounts of silica can help keep osteoporosis at bay. Osteoporosis is a condition wherein the bones end up soft and brittle, highly susceptible to being fractured.

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It Keeps the Joints Healthy


Collagen is not only important for the skin. It’s also vital for the joints as it serves as a cushion. Consuming diatomaceous earth can help keep the joints in a great state, as well as help ease minor joint pain and injuries.


The Powder Promotes a Healthy Gut


Since DE is capable of removing toxins and impurities, it can help in keeping your digestive tract in tip-top shape. Many people take diatomaceous earth to cleanse the colon and detoxify the body. Some individuals take it to enjoy regular bowel movement and to prevent constipation.


DE is Taken for Weight Reduction


What makes this amazing powder effective for weight loss is the fact that it detoxifies the body. This helps in warding off inflammation, something that can slow down the metabolism and promote the accumulation of fat cells.


It Makes Your Skin Radiant


Too much dead skin cells can make your complexion look lifeless. An all-natural way to make your complexion glow is by gently massaging on your face a paste that’s out of a teaspoon of DE and water, milk or honey. Exfoliate with diatomaceous earth once or twice a week to keep your skin beautiful.


Diatomaceous Earth Nourishes Hair


Do you regard your mane as one your best features? Then consume DE to keep it thick, shiny and healthy. Again, it’s due to the fact that diatomaceous earth is packed with silica that’s important for your hair.

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