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Health and Beauty Benefits of Potato Juice

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Do you have plenty of time, energy and patience to whip up potato juice? Then you’re in luck — just a small amount of it is enough to give you lots of health and beauty benefits.

But before we proceed, let’s get one thing straight: you’re not supposed to drink potato juice like you would any other juice. More often than not, taking a couple of tablespoons of it is enough. Consume lots of it and you may wind up vomiting, experiencing digestive distress and having diarrhea. Potato juice is also high in sugar, and you should definitely limit your oral intake of it if you are suffering from diabetes.

Now that such very important matter has just been made clear, let’s now take a quick look at some of the most impressive health and beauty benefits offered by potato juice:

Increased Immunity

Potato juice is packed with vitamin C, and we all know that this particular nutrient is vital for getting the immune system strengthened. So in other words, welcoming potato juice into your diet allows you to enjoy lowered risk of having infections brought about by microorganisms that like to enter your body by force.

Detoxified Liver

In Japan, potato juice is actually a popular home remedy for detoxifying a poorly-functioning liver — the very organ that’s tasked at getting your body detoxified.

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Proponents say that the best time to take potato juice is half an hour before having your breakfast.

Improved Digestion

Earlier, it was mentioned that too much potato juice can wreak havoc on your digestive system. However, just the right amounts of it can let you enjoy optimum digestion, which is vital for making sure that your body gets to take advantage of the various nutrients in the foods you consume.

Reduced Cholesterol

Most especially if you consume potato juice with the mush intact, you supply your body with sufficient amounts of bad cholesterol-lowering fiber.

So in other words, potato juice may help keep your arteries clog-free and your risk of heart disease low.

Normalized Bowel Movements

It’s not just your arteries that potato juice can unclog, but also your colon — its fiber content can effectively deal with constipation. Aside from waste materials, potato juice is also capable of sweeping toxic substances out of your body, thus allowing you to enjoy a detoxified gut without the need to take expensive detox juices and smoothies.

Alleviated Joint Pain

A small amount of potato juice contains loads of anti-inflammatory compounds, scientists say.

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It’s for this reason exactly why you may consume it on a regular basis if constantly you are bugged by achy knees or lower back and you refuse to pop painkilling medications in your mouth all the time.

Decreased Pigment

There are many beauty perks that the topical application of potato juice can bring, and one of those is a reduction in the amounts of melanin, a dark-colored pigment. It’s for this reason why you may daub potato juice on age spots, scars and dark patches on your face and other areas of your body.

Reduced Wrinkles

Earlier, it was mentioned that potato juice is packed with immune-boosting vitamin C.

Did you know that vitamin C also encourages the production of collagen, a skin-tightening form of protein? Massaging a little potato juice on you face can help deal with sagging and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, too.

Controlled Eczema

If you are suffering from eczema, you can count on potato juice each time you can no longer stand the signs and symptoms of the dreaded skin condition. Applying it on problem areas can help deal with redness, irritation, scaling and itchiness. Consuming potato juice by mouth can also help provide relief from the inside out.

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