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Health and Beauty Benefits of Taking Rosehip Tea

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Rosehips are the tiny fruits of the rose plant. Eventually, these cherry-sized fruits grow petals and become the flowers that many all over the planet adore. While they’re still young, they can actually be turned into wine, jelly and jams. They are also dried and used medicinally for their healing properties. Dried rosehips are also turned into tea.

The consumption rosehip tea comes with an assortment health and beauty benefits. Such is due to the fact that the herbal tea is packed with antioxidants as well as so many other nutrients like potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, niacin, iron, and vitamins A, C, E and K.

What’s so nice about rosehip tea is it does not contain caffeine which can cause a host of side effects such as headaches, jitteriness and anxiety. It’s a beverage that you may take morning, noon and night. A cup of rosehip tea can invigorate you as well as keep your cells healthy, your joints pain-free, your immune system strong and so many others.

Here are some of the health and beauty benefits to enjoy simply for welcoming rosehip tea into your daily life:

Rosehip Tea is Good for the Respiratory Tract

Did you know that this herbal tea is being given to individuals suffering from all sorts of upper respiratory tract problems as it can help alleviate or lessen the symptoms? A cup of rosehip tea is said to be very good at providing relief from asthma, cough, shortness of breath and even runny nose. Thanks to the impressive amounts of vitamin C in every serving of rosehip tea, taking it can considerably reduce the duration of a cold.

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It is Wonderful for Your Joints

Skip taking painkillers that produce nasty side effects and reach for a cup of freshly brewed rosehip tea each time your joints are bugging you. That’s because one of the medicinal properties of rosehip tea is its ability to effectively reduce joint pain and swelling. If you are suffering from arthritis, make the consumption of this herbal tea regular because studies have shown that it can increase the mobility of affected joints by up to 25 percent.

Drinking It Benefits the Circulatory System

Because there are plenty of antioxidants in rosehip tea, taking it regularly may help lower bad cholesterol levels. This may reduce your risk of having high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Did you know that rosehip tea is also a great source of iron, a mineral you need to help combat iron-deficiency anemia? Vitamin C found abundantly in this well-loved beverage actually helps your body absorb iron much better.

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Rosehip Tea is Perfect for Your Digestion

It is said that the intake of rosehips tea before meals may help your stomach digest food better, and this allows the body to absorb nutrients without trouble. For centuries now, traditional healers have been recommending rosehip tea for people suffering from stomach irritation and ulcers. Not able to move your bowels on a regular basis? Keep constipation from striking by enjoying a cup of rosehips tea in the morning.

The Beverage Helps Strengthen Your Immunity

Drinking rosehips tea helps in making your immune system work much better, and this may save you from constantly having a bout of all sorts of allergies, infections and other maladies. Rosehip tea is also the perfect beverage to take if you are often stressed. Thanks to its mild laxative and diuretic properties, this herbal tea may help remove impurities trapped in your body, and this lets you deal with the various symptoms of having lots of toxins within you.

Taking It Makes You Stay Looking Young

As mentioned earlier, rosehip tea contains vitamin C. Did you know that vitamin C is actually a type of antioxidant that is very good at safeguarding your skin cells from harmful free radicals? In other words, vitamin C in rosehip tea can slow down the aging of your skin. Taking the healthy beverage regularly may also encourage your body to produce more collagen, a protein that helps prevent wrinkles from developing.

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