Health and Beauty Benefits of Petitgrain Essential Oil

There is no such thing as petitgrain plant. So where did petitgrain essential oil come from? Well, it’s actually extracted from the leaves and even twigs of the bitter orange tree.

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Now that such fact is already made clear, we can now fully focus our attention on this beneficial oil.

Petitgrain is a staple ingredient in the manufacturing of air fresheners and perfumes, as well as numerous household cleaning products. That’s because it boasts of a floral and herbaceous aroma that is undeniably very pleasing to the nose. However, it’s not just the smell of petitgrain essential oil that deserves everyone’s attention, but also the many health and beauty perks that it’s known to offer.

Without any more ado, let’s check out some of those benefits:

It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

The lovely smell of petitgrain essential oil is powerful enough to calm the nerves, and that’s why it is something that you may employ if you’re stressed out. You may use a diffuser to fill the air with its scent, or you may also add a few drops of it to your massage oil or bathwater.

Petitgrain essential oil may be utilized, too, for the reduction of anxiety. The moment that you feel an attack is about to strike, take a whiff of this fragrant oil as you take slow and deep relaxing breaths.

It Also Helps You Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep

One of the many, many complications of leading a stressful life or having anxiety is insomnia, which is something that can cause further problems. Did you know that you can rely on petitgrain essential oil whenever you are having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep?

Other than smelling it, you may add a drop or two of petitgrain essential oil to your favorite bedtime herbal tea in order to relax your senses so that you may steer clear of insomnia more effectively.

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It Makes Your Day a Brighter One

Petitgrain essential oil is very effective against mild cases of depression — its sunshiny fragrance can really help brighten up your day. So whenever you are down and you feel like locking yourself up in your room or grabbing a gigantic tub of vanilla ice cream, try taking a whiff of petitgrain essential oil instead to have your mood lifted.

It Soothes Digestive Problems

Suffering from an upset stomach is very common most especially after having a meal that’s spicy, greasy or fatty. You may also have a bout of it if you happen to eat a lot more foods that usual.

If a cup of ginger tea which is a well-known remedy for an upset stomach is not accessible, you may simply add a few drops of petitgrain essential oil to a cup of hot water, and then have it slowly consumed. It won’t take long before your tummy is soothed, freeing you from all the discomforts that an upset stomach usually brings.

You may also rely on the solution mentioned above whenever you are feeling queasy — petitgrain essential oil can help deal with that unnerving feeling that you’re about to vomit.

It Wards Off Body Odor

Are you into whipping up homemade deodorants using all sorts of ingredients from nature? Well, the next time you are on a DIY mode, consider adding some petitgrain essential oil to your creation. That’s because this oil from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree has amazing deodorizing and antimicrobial properties.

It Also Helps Slow Down Skin Aging

Last but not least, you may consider petitgrain essential oil as an anti-aging product straight from nature — the loads of antioxidants in it can help slow down and even reverse the process of skin aging.

To employ petitgrain essential oil in your war against fine lines and wrinkles, simply add a drop or two of it to your facial moisturizer. Especially if you add it to your favorite nighttime serum, you can expect petitgrain essential oil to help repairing your skin cells intensively as you catch some Z’s.

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