Health and Beauty Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood essential oil comes from the bark of the rosewood tree, a tree which is found abundantly in Brazil and Peru and is being used for making all sorts of furniture pieces.

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Because of the fact that the said tree is always demanded, laws state that companies who employ rosewood trees for manufacturing their respective goods should plant a rosewood tree for each one that they cut. This means that you should not feel any guilt should you decide to get your hands on rosewood essential oil.

Having a bottle of rosewood essential oil is a good thing most especially if you like to rely on some all natural solutions to the most common health and beauty problems around.

Using rosewood essential oil for different purposes is not going to give you a hard time because it has a very amicable fragrance, one that is floral, woody and spicy. It’s no wonder why this essential oil is commonly used for making perfumes, soaps and various beauty products — its smell is simply pleasing to the nose!

Other than its aroma, the many benefits offered make rosewood essential oil loved by many. Here are some of the health and beauty perks that this well-known essential oil offers:

Pain Relief

You cannot expect rosewood essential oil to get rid of a massive lower back or knee pain due to an injury. However, it is something that you may count on for dealing with the likes of headaches and toothaches, and minor aches and inflammation of the muscles and joints.

Minor Wound First Aid

Upon incurring a minor wound, the first thing that needs to be done is to have it washed with soap and water. Then an antibiotic ointment should be applied. No antibiotic ointment within your reach? No worries! Using a cotton ball, you may apply a little rosewood essential oil to the minor wound to keep an infection at bay.

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Energy Boost

Many people swear by the effectiveness of rosewood essential oil in giving them an instant dose of energy. It doesn’t really come as a surprise because the said essential oil is known to possess mild stimulating properties. Unlike caffeine in coffee, rosewood essential oil won’t cause heart palpitations, lightheadedness and anxiety.

Relaxation Aid

Speaking of anxiety, rosewood essential oil is something that can help relieve it. A quick whiff of its really agreeable scent is usually enough to keep a mild anxiety attack from snowballing and becoming a major one. Having a tiny bottle of rosewood essential oil in the bag or pocket is a great idea if you have anxiety.

Mood Lift

Anxiety is not the only thing that rosewood essential oil can alleviate, but also depression — its fragrance is highly capable of lifting the mood. So if you are feeling down, rely on rosewood essential oil rather than sugary foods to feel happy. But if your depression is unrelenting, seek the help of a specialist.

Bad Odor Elimination

The wonderful smell of rosewood essential oil makes it very good at covering up body odor. However, it is also actually superb at dealing with the source of body odor because the said essential oil has antibacterial properties. It’s for the same reason why earlier it was said that it may be used for warding off a minor wound infection.

Insect Repellent

A few drops of rosewood essential oil added to your favorite body lotion can help keep mosquitoes and other insects that bite or sting from bugging you. Also, you may daub a little of it on mosquito bites to prevent infection and scarring. When going on a camping trip, put rosewood essential oil on your checklist of things to bring.

Skin Aging Sign Remedy

Rosewood essential oil is highly beneficial for beauty-conscious women who like to stay looking young. That’s because this oil from the rosewood tree has excellent skin-moisturizing and wrinkle-zapping properties. There are also many other skin problems that rosewood essential oil can deal with, such as pimples and acne.

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