Health Benefits of Peas

Know the Healthy Secrets of these Balls Keep

Peas are looked upon with disdain. Kids abhor it. Adults consider it as poor meat. What everyone misses is the concentration of the wonderful compounds in these little balls of health.

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Peas contain most of the compounds that are necessary for a healthy body function. Among these are epicatechin and catechin, known flavinoids. It also contains alpha-carotene and beta-carotene which are types of carotenoids.

Here is a list of the benefits packed in these adorable green balls of nutrition only pea-sized brains will dare to miss.

Secrets on Cholesterol

The production of VLDL and triglyerides are reduced by peas. This in turn makes a low bad cholesterol count and a significant increase in HDL or good cholesterol.

Secrets on Constipation

Gastro-intestinal health is improved with the presence of fiber in peas. Fibers get rid of unwanted materials in the body.

Secrets on Bones

A cup of peas aids in the building of the bones. One serving contains 44 percent of Vitamin K. Another Vitamin, Vitamin B, is great at preventing osteoporosis.

Secrets on Heart Disease

Healthy blood vessels are a result of a consistent presence of peas in meals. THe anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of peas prevent the formation of plaque on the walls of our blood vessels.

Eco-friendly Secrets

Peas help with the reduction of the need for artificial fertilizers. They join hands with the bacteria present in the soil to manage the nitrogen content from the air and have the soil as its storage. Nitrogen is a key ingredient in the production of artificial fertilizers.

Secrets on Blood Sugar Regulation

Type 2 diabetes which develop resistance to insulin are managed well with the help of certain agents that possess anti-inflammatory qualities and a antioxidants. The carbohydrates found in peas are natural and has no chemicals that you have to be worried about.

Other Secrets

Anti-inflammatory phytonutrients are connected with the treatment and prevention of cancer and heart diseases. It is also known to deal with aging. Peas are a natural possess anti-inflammatory these qualities. Pisomisides A and B grouped with Pisumsaponin I and II are phyto nutrients that can only be found in peas.

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