Health Benefits of Aguaje

There is a fruit from the Amazon that is said to help women attain the much-coveted hourglass figure, and also provide relief from the menacing symptoms of PMS and menopause — it’s called aguaje. Read on if you’re fascinated by what this particular fruit can offer, and also kindly repost this after reading to let everyone know about it, too!

Aguaje is actually the oval-shaped fruit of a statuesque palm tree having the same name. It is entirely covered with shiny chestnut-colored scales, and the flesh inside is an eye-catching deep yellow.

It is from June to December when aguaje is in season. When that time comes, South American people usually harvest them and turn them into jellies, jams, preserves and even ice cream. Aguaje can be made into wine, too, by having it fermented. Also, oil which possesses all sorts of impressive health benefits can be extracted from it.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing things that aguaje can do:

It Restores Proper Hormone Balance in Women

Aguaje is particularly loved by women because it is capable of relieving the many different unfavorable symptoms of PMS and menopause — it does so by encouraging proper balance of hormones in the female body. Sometimes aguaje is consumed in order to promote fertility in women.

It Promotes an Hourglass Figure

Women who like to appear stunning get their hands on aguaje as it is believed to increase secondary female sexual characteristics. This results in the shrinking of the waist, widening of the hips and enlargement of the buttocks, the kind of shape that a lot of beauty-conscious women like to obtain.

It Keeps the Skin Hydrated

There are healthy fats present in every serving of aguaje, and that’s why its consumption is known to prevent the skin from becoming dry. Actually, aguaje is used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of various cosmetic products, in particular those that are for hydrating the skin.

It Also Helps Relieve Various Skin Problems

Aside from keeping skin dryness at bay, there are also various skin conditions that can be relieved with the intake of aguaje, and some of those include acne, eczema and psoriasis. That’s because this exotic fruit from the Amazon also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

It Slows Down Skin Aging

One more impressive cosmetic benefit that can be obtained from aguaje is the slowing down of the aging of the skin. It’s due to the fact that aguaje is capable of encouraging collagen production. Collagen is a type of protein necessary for keeping the skin firm, thus making it less prone to sagging and wrinkling.

It Keeps the Vision Sharp and Intact

The flesh of aguaje is deep yellow, and it’s a sign that it is loaded with vitamin A. Due to this, its regular consumption can help in keeping one’s 20/20 vision intact, and also get rid of night blindness. In addition, there are so many other eye problems that can be kept at bay with the intake of vitamin A-rich foods like aguaje.

It Lowers Risk of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Finally, aguaje is very good at strengthening the immune system because of the loads of vitamin C in it. Consuming it on a regular basis is highly beneficial for those who are always suffering from the common cold, flu or any other infection concerning the upper part of the respiratory system.

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