Health Benefits of Beechnuts

So many animals — from squirrels, raccoons, pigs to bears — feast on beechnuts. Humans also love them due to their sheer versatility. They can be roasted, dried and turned into powder, or pressed to obtain their oils that are low in saturated fat and high in protein.

Beechnuts come from the beechnut tree, which is native to numerous places on the planet and comes in a number of species. The most popular of them all, however, is the American beechnut tree which is revered for its picturesque shape. Various parts of the tree, by the way, can be employed in different ways, from the leaves to the bark.

Going back to beechnuts themselves, they are encased in husks with soft spines. Cracking open those husks can be a real challenge — a knife is often needed to do the trick. If you can wait for a day, however, harvested husks will open on their own, leaving you with no trouble accessing the three-sided nuts within.

In some parts of the planet, beechnuts are commonly roasted and brewed to produce a caffeine-free alternative to coffee

Clearly, beechnuts are some of the most versatile tree nuts on the face of the planet! Here are just a few of the health benefits associated with their consumption:

Lowered Heart Disease Risk

Because of the fact that beechnuts are high in fiber and low in cholesterol and sodium, its regular inclusion in the diet can help make a person less susceptible to having heart disease, which is touted as the leading killer all over the planet. Roasted beechnuts can be consumed as snacks, or crushed and added to salads or used as toppings for baked goodies and various healthy treats such as yogurt and oatmeal.

Normalized Blood Sugar Levels

Thanks to the fiber content of beechnuts, their consumption can help keep the levels of sugar in the blood from striking. It only means that they are good for those who have diabetes or are at high risk of developing them. Another reason why beechnuts can help maintain normal blood sugar levels is it contains magnesium. According to experts, the said nutrient is effective at regulating the production and synthesis of the hormone insulin.

Improved GI Tract Functioning

Everyone knows that fiber is good for the digestive system, and that’s why the addition of fiber-rich beechnuts in the diet on a regular basis can help facilitate the digestive process. Due to this, it can be easier for the body to assimilate essential nutrients found in food. Fiber in beechnuts also helps normalize the removal of poisonous substances and waste products in the gut, thus keeping constipation from striking.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

By consuming beechnuts on a regular basis, one’s risk of colorectal cancer may be reduced significantly. Again, it’s due to the fact that fiber in beechnuts helps in sweeping out toxins in the gut before they have the opportunity to cause some form of damage. Also, beechnuts contain good amounts of antioxidants, which are fighters of free radicals that can trigger mutation in the cells and cause development of deadly cancer.

Healthier Pregnancy and Babies

Pregnant women most especially can benefit from the regular consumption of beechnuts. That’s because they are rich in vitamin B6, which is important for the prevention of neural tube defects — problems concerning the brain and spinal cord of babies that strike during the first month of pregnancy. Beechnuts, when properly processed, also make for excellent baby food that helps supply nutrients needed for proper growth and development.

These are some of the perks that come with the consumption of beechnuts. By the way, the leaves as well as branches of the beechnut tree can be prepared in various ways and may be used for dealing with skin and wound infections, headaches, joint inflammation and others.

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