What are the Health Benefits of Consuming Jasmine Rice?

Jasmine rice is native to Thailand where it is so popular, but it’s also something that’s well-loved across Southeast Asia. The name pretty much explains why it’s adored by many — it has a lovely aroma. Other than its characteristic smell, jasmine rice also boasts of longer grains compared to most other types of rice.

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If you often serve rice on the table to ensure that you and your family get good amounts of dietary fiber, then it is a wonderful idea for you to get your hands on Jasmine rice and wow everyone with its fragrance and appearance. But it’s the many health benefits offered by jasmine rice that can really impress. Some of them include:

Boosted Protein Intake

We all know that protein is important for building and maintaining muscles. Nutrition experts say that it actually carries out so many other important tasks, such as assisting in the synthesis of certain hormones and enzymes.

Did you know that a cup of cooked jasmine rice boasts of more than 5 grams of protein? Whether you are trying to bulk up or slim down (protein helps make you feel full for a longer period of time and also speeds up the metabolism), you can benefit tremendously from the inclusion of jasmine rice in your diet on a regular basis.

Strengthened Bones

Nutrition experts say that there is also calcium in every serving of jasmine rice, which only means that consuming it regularly can help in strengthening your bones, thus keeping osteoporosis at bay.

However, it’s not just the presence of calcium that makes this long-grained rice with a fantastic smell good for making your bones tough. Magnesium and phosphorous both present in jasmine rice work together with calcium in lowering your risk of battling osteoporosis in the future.

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Increased Dietary Fiber Supply

Just like many other types of rice, jasmine rice is a phenomenal source of dietary fiber. This means that including it in your regular diet can help in the prevention of constipation.

Since your bowel movement is not only made regular but also practically effortless, jasmine rice can help keep at bay hemorrhoids. A diet high in dietary fiber, doctors say, can also lower your risk of colon cancer because it helps sweep out toxins in the gut that can cause the formation of those cancerous cells.

Optimized B Vitamin Intake

Consuming jasmine rice is great for energizing your body because it is loaded with B vitamins, which are nutrients that help convert food into fuel that your cells can utilize.

Vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin B3 (niacin) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) — these are the kinds of B vitamins that you can obtain in good amounts from a serving of jasmine rice. By the way, medical professionals say that B vitamins are also necessary for healthy nerve cells and blood.

These are some of the benefits that jasmine rice is known to offer. But since it’s rich in starch, diabetics and those who like to slim down should consume this fragrant rice in moderation only.

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