Health Benefits of the Cupuacu Fruit

In South America, particularly in countries that are part of the Amazon basin, there is a fruit that is hailed as the “pharmacy in a fruit” because it is so dense in nutrients that it is capable of preventing and even reversing a number of health problems. It’s name? The cupuacu fruit.

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Also sometimes known as “Brazilian cocoa” and “large-flowered cocoa”, the cupuacu fruit is about the size of a watermelon with light brown-colored skin, making it look like a large and elongated coconut.

Inside is a pulp that’s buttery and fragrant, and there are about 20 to 30 seeds present, each one of them about the size of a hazelnut. The seeds, by the way, are often turned into cupuacu butter, which is an ingredient that is being used these days by more and more manufacturers of skin-softening products.

Regarding the pulp, it possesses a really delightful taste. Many of those who have tried it say that the cupuacu fruit’s pulp is like pineapples, bananas and pears rolled into one. Here’s something so interesting: the said pulp also has a hint of chocolate flavor, making the cupuacu fruit a really unique and exciting treat!

However, what makes this exotic fruit from the Amazon rainforest even more attention-grabbing is the fact that it’s super rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals!

Since it has a nutritional profile that can definitely impress, the inclusion of the cupuacu fruit in your diet on a regular basis lets you enjoy a wide variety of health benefits. Other than consuming it by mouth, the cupuacu fruit may also be employed topically for beautifying the skin as well as hair.

Let’s now take a look at some of the perks that the cupuacu fruit is known to offer:

Strengthened Immune System

One of the many, many nutrients you can get from every serving of the cupuacu fruit is vitamin C. That’s why consuming this exotic fruit regularly can help lower your risk of being ill even when it’s the flu or cold season.

Delayed Skin Aging

Since vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen, eating the cupuacu fruit can help keep your skin supple and free of wrinkles. As mentioned earlier, you may also use the cupuacu fruit topically if you want to enjoy skin that looks so young and healthy.

Controlled Blood Sugar

The intake of the cupuacu fruit is very good for people who are suffering from diabetes or at high risk of having it. That’s because the cupuacu fruit regulates the release of sugar in the blood, courtesy of its rich fiber content.

Regulated Bowel Movement

Fiber present abundantly in the cupuacu fruit is also an excellent preventer of constipation. This only means that enjoying this fruit from South America and other fiber-rich ones can help promote regular bowel movement. Do take note that drinking plenty of fluids and being physically active are also essential.

Eliminated Excess Weight

In moderation, the intake of the cupuacu fruit can be very helpful if you are intending to shed off unwanted pounds. Being loaded with fiber, it makes your tummy feel so full that you won’t even think about snacking.

Lowered Heart Disease Risk

The cupuacu fruit is beneficial for people with heart disease or at high risk of developing it. That’s because the fiber, antioxidants and potassium the exotic fruit has work together in lowering the blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and this can help in keeping the cardiovascular system in an excellent condition.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

Consuming the cupuacu fruit may also keep cancer from striking, thanks to its antioxidants that fight off inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which can pave the way for cancer development.

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