Health Benefits of Davidson Plum

Davidson plum is native to Australia. Initially grown for ornamental purposes, eventually it was widely consumed for sustenance. However, these days Davidson plum is regarded as endangered. That is why the trees that bear this exotic fruit are being grown in areas of Australia that are protected by its government.

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What makes Davidson plum demanded by many is the fact that it’s highly nutritious. Potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, niacin, folate, vitamins A and C — these are the health-giving nutrients found abundantly in the fruit. There’s also protein and fiber in Davidson plum, and loads of antioxidants that fight free radicals and inflammation.

This plum from Australia is unique in a way that it is deep purple on the outside and its flesh is reddish pink in color. It has a standout acidic taste which makes it highly sought after in making sauces, jams, jellies, yoghurt, and even cakes and ice cream. Eating Davidson plum on its own is definitely a possibility.

From time to time, you may come across Davidson plum at your favorite supermarket. If you cannot come across fresh whole ones, then you may find yourself staring at various food products that are out of it. Get your hands on some Davidson plums or foods made from them to enjoy all sorts of health perks, and some of them include:

Healthier and Lovelier Skin

Vitamin C in abundant amounts in Davidson plum is essential for healthy skin. It promotes cellular renewal and at the same time neutralizes free radicals that damage healthy skin. Vitamin C also fights off fine lines and wrinkles as it encourages the synthesis of collagen that makes the skin elastic.

Better Protection From Infections

There is another role that is played by vitamin C, and that’s making the immune system strong. Having a bolstered immune system is the key to lowering your risk of having the common cold, cough, flu and other infections of the upper respiratory tract. So to stay in the pink of health, consume purple-colored Davidson plum regularly.

Lower Risk of Cancer

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Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that helps keep at bay deadly cancer. It zaps free radicals before they mutate your cells. What’s more, vitamin C is a superb fighter of chronic inflammation. Medical experts say that there are so many health problems that can be traced back to chronic inflammation, and cancer is one of them.

Reduction of Blood Pressure

If you are told by your doctor that your blood pressure is on the high side of the fence, make sure that you include potassium-rich foods such as Davidson plum in your diet. That’s because potassium is capable of making the walls of the blood vessels relax, causing the blood vessels to dilate which results in blood pressure reduction.

Stronger Bones

Did you know that potassium is also something that’s important for making your bones strong? This mineral helps calcium stay inside the bones, saving them from leaching back into the bloodstream. Oh, and there’s also lots of calcium in Davidson plum, making this exotic fruit an excellent fighter of osteoporosis.

Healthier Eyes and Better Eyesight

Another essential nutrient present in Davidson plum is vitamin A. This vitamin is so important because it’s the one that can save your eyes from being damaged by free radicals. A diet that’s rich in vitamin A is crucial for preventing various diseases of the eyes that can partially or completely rob you of your ability to see.

Superb Digestion

Lastly, consuming Davidson plum on a regular basis helps keep your entire digestive tract in an excellent shape. Being packed with fiber, it facilitates digestion and helps in regularly sweeping out waste products and other impurities in the gut. Fiber in this Australian fruit also lowers one’s risk of piles and colon cancer.

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