Health Benefits of Eating Purple Potatoes

Purple potatoes, according to those who have already tried them, taste pretty much just like regular spuds although they are evidently creamier in texture. What’s so great about these unique-looking potatoes is the fact that both their skins and flesh are purple-colored, which only means that they’re chock-full of pigments with antioxidant properties!

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Needless to say, it’s a wonderful idea to skip reaching for the peeler each time you wish to serve purple potatoes on the table. And you should dish them up very often because of the health benefits they offer, such as:

Lowered Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Chlorogenic acid in purple potatoes, according to numerous scientific investigations, is very good at regulating the blood pressure. Everyone knows that controlling hypertension is of utmost importance because, if left unmanaged, it can cause significant damage to the heart and many other organs of the body.

Another reason why the consumption of purple potatoes may help lower a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease is this: their high fiber content helps in flushing out excess bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. Certainly, no one wants to accumulate bad cholesterol because it can cause arterial clogging, potentially causing heart attack and stroke.

Speaking of stroke, scientists say that the inclusion of purple potatoes in the diet on a regular basis may help ward off the formation of blood clots that can impede supply of oxygenated blood to the brain. According to experts, chlorogenic acid is the one that makes purple potatoes very good at inhibiting blood clot formation.

Regulated Bowel Movement and Reduced Weight

Fiber, which is found abundantly in purple potatoes, is good for digestion. It helps facilitate the breakdown of food into simpler particles as it encourages the secretion of more digestive juices. Eventually, fiber helps in sweeping out the waste products of the process of digestion before they have the chance to wreak havoc to one’s health.

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In other words, the intake of fiber-rich purple potatoes can help in maintaining regular evacuation of the bowels. Having a bout of constipation can bring about all sorts of unfavorable signs and symptoms. Not only will constipation make you feel bloated and heavy, but also leave you physically and mentally sluggish.

Purple potatoes are also perfect for people who wish to lose weight. Again, it’s for the fact that these beautifully-colored spuds are packed with fiber. Each time purple potatoes are consumed, the stomach feels heavy right away and for an extended period of time. As a result, overeating and food cravings are kept from striking.

Decreased Risk of Various Types of Cancer

It’s no secret that cancer is something that can kill, most especially if it’s not detected earlier. Fortunately, man is blessed with an assortment of foods that are scientifically proven to help keep cancer at bay. Some of those cancer-fighting superfoods are purple potatoes, and their eye-catching coloration is a testament to that!

Plant pigments that make purple potatoes complete standouts have superb antioxidant properties. In other words, they are capable of shielding the cells from being damaged by free radicals. This means that the likelihood of malignant cell formation can be considerably reduced, thus resulting in the lowered risk of cancer.

Earlier, it was tackled that purple potatoes are loaded with fiber. It’s exactly the reason why these unique-looking spuds are said to be capable of warding off colorectal cancer. No one is impervious to deadly cancer, but everyone has the chance to dodge this disease with the help of purple potatoes and many other cancer-fighting superfoods.

These are just some of the most noteworthy health benefits offered by purple potatoes. You are not going to have a hard time adding them in your diet because they are just like your average spuds, except they look amazing!

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