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Health Benefits of Herring and Sample Recipe

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Herring is one of the fish varieties people know today. Coming from the Clupeidae family, herring usually move in huge schools. They are usually found around fishing banks and near the coast and the most abundant and commercially known species are from the genus Clupea. They are found in the shallow and temperate North Pacific and North Atlantic waters, such as the Baltic Sea. As a food, herring presents the following health benefits.


Herring and the Heart

Herring benefits the cardiovascular system. According to Nutra Ingredients, the fish is a source of fatty acids, which convert omega-3. As per researchers, herring is naturally high in cetoleic acid, which connects to a ten percent ore omega-3 fatty acids stored in salmon. In a statement, a Nofima Bente Ruyter senior scientist said that the herring oil was produced by-products which was not directly used for human consumption, adding the it was wise to utilize the part of the herring for fish oil production.


Herring and the Bones

Herring also places a positive impact to the bones. According to Live Strong, herring contains calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, which are three minerals the body needs to create the mineral complex called hydroxyapatite, which makes up the bones and teeth. In addition, herring as a fish is a decent protein source; thus, it also helps nourish bones through collagen formation. As per the publication, a six-ounce serving of the fish contains 141 milligrams of calcium and 388 milligrams of phosphorus, which yields 14 percent of the person’s recommended daily calcium and 55 percent of his phosphorus requirements. To add, each portion also provides 54 milligrams of magnesium, which accounts 17 percent of the recommended daily intake for women and 13 percent for men.

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Herring and Blood Formation

Eating herring enhances the production of blood cells. According to SF Gate, this property is due to vitamin B12 or cobalamine, which is responsible for the production of normal blood cells and the metabolism of fatty acids. In addition, vitamin B12 removes the amino acid called homocysteine from the blood, as high levels of this protein variant are linked to higher probabilities of cardiovascular diseases.


Herring and Vitamin D

Herring also plays a role in the absorption of vitamin D in the body. According to Fit Day, the fish contains vitamin D. It promotes the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which further lead the body to enhance bone formation. This is beneficial in territories that do not usually get sunlight, as vitamin D is produced by the body when exposed ti the sun.

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Sample Recipe

Herring can be added to various meal recipes like Grilled Herrings with Mustard and Basil Dressing. According to BBC Good Food, the ingredients include four 75 grams herring fillets or four 225 grams herring (gutted), four tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, two tablespoons wholegrain mustard, large bunch basil (roughly torn), one teaspoon of clear honey, and one lemon (grated zest, juice).

To prepare, as per the publication, grill is heated to its maximum setting. Next, the fish is rinsed under running cold water to dislodge any loose scales. Then, it is brushed with small amount of oil and is mildly seasoned. After that, the fish is grilled for six to eight minutes, or until it becomes cooked. It is a good practice to check that the eyes should be white, the skin is well-browned, and the flesh is opaque and firm to touch.

For the dressing, the mustard, honey, basic, and lemon zest are whisked, along with the remaining oil. Then, the resulting mixture is spooned over the herring once cooked.

Herring is one of the beneficial food selections, given its vast array of health benefits. So, including it in family meals will help boost the family’s health and well-being.


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