Health Benefits of Adopting a Pet

Adopting a pet is a huge step to take. Although the feeling may not be the same as having your own baby, the responsibility of ensuring that the bundle of joy that you will be bringing home from the animal shelter remains healthy and happy is entirely up to you.

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But if you think that adopting a pet is going to be a one-sided affair, you might be surprised that your new pet isn’t just there to greet you as soon as you enter your home, but it is also responsible for your own happiness and health too. Let’s just say, that you and your pet will be benefiting from your relationship. Here’s how:

Pets can help lower your stress levels

If you haven’t had the chance to come home to a welcoming smile and eager greetings, then your life will most certainly change when you adopt a pet. It’s not just about getting slobbery kisses as soon as you open the door, but studies show that being near your pet when at home reduces your stress levels significantly. As a matter of fact, being around your pet can improve your stress levels better compared to being around a family member.

Already housebroken

Another plus to adopting a pet from the shelter is that they may already be house-trained. However, don’t overlook the pet’s history prior to your adoption as they may not have been allowed in the house and the like. Once you are equipped with the knowledge of your pet’s history, you will know what steps to take to ensure that your pet is going to be house trained.

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Reduces cholesterol levels

There are many ways for you to lower your cholesterol levels such as choosing healthy fats for your diet, becoming active, and petting your adopted furry pal. The CDC has already studied the correlation between lowered triglyceride as well as cholesterol levels and being around pets. Although it seems that there is more to just being around pets that can help keep your cholesterol level at the right number.

Similar personalities

You can find animal shelters that will pair you with a dog that best suits your personality as well as your lifestyle. This makes it easier for you to find a pet that will fit well with your current lifestyle.

Improve your overall health

You’ve probably noticed how you enjoy those walks with your new best friend without realizing the effects of even a 10-minute walk to your health. You see, adopting a pet means giving your current lifestyle a total revamp since you will need to meet the demands of having a four-legged creature in your home. And that daily walk that you are doing, not only does it help you lose weight, but it can also help strengthen your bones, while reducing your risk from diabetes.

Children will benefit too

It’s not just adults who will benefit from having an adopted pet at home, because children can enjoy walking them too. Not only will they create a rapport with your new pet, but they also get to walk outside too, and less computer usage. What’s more, this can be a good time to bond with your kids while walking the new member of your family. As you can see, there is more to adopting a pet from the shelter than meets the eye. Many pet owners who decided to bring home a dog or cat from the shelter, found their lives changed forever because of them. Yours too will change if you open your home to a rescue animal.

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