Health Benefits of Apricot Seed or Kernel

It is said that the consumption of apricot seed or kernel brings about a number of favorable effects on the health. It is being used by traditional healers on certain parts of the planet for centuries now as a cure for hypertension and joint pain caused by arthritis. However, its purported ability to heal cancer most especially in its early stages is the one that seems to get lots of attention. Read on to learn how consuming apricot seeds or kernels can be advantageous for someone with cancer.

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Vitamin B17 Present in the Seed or Kernel

There is a particular nutrient that is known as an effective alternative cancer treatment. It comes in the form of vitamin B17, also known as laetrile or amygdalin. At times it is referred to as the anti-cancer vitamin. There are a variety of vitamin B17 food sources, and many of them are fruit seeds. Some examples include apple, cherry, nectarine, prune and pear seeds.

An apricot seed or kernel has the highest vitamin B17 content among all sources of this anti-cancer vitamin. It doesn’t come as a surprise why the seed or kernel of the fruit often gets the spotlight when natural cancer treatment is concerned. However, experts say that the amount of vitamin B17 that may be obtained by consuming apricot seeds or kernels is not enough to help individuals who are already suffering from stage 4 and above.

Potential Toxicity of Vitamin B17

There is a reason why the consumption of apricot seed or kernel to cure the Big C is being frowned upon by some. This has something to do with one of the components of vitamin B17 – cyanide, a chemical compound that’s regarded as very toxic.

So should you start throwing away those apricot seeds or kernels you are trying to save for their numerous health benefits? Not so fast. Experts say that the amount of cyanide present in an apricot seed or kernel is extremely low to actually put your life in danger. It is said that 0.5 to 3.5 mg of cyanide per body weight in kg can be deadly. With this being the case, you have to consume anywhere from 80 to 560 apricot seeds or kernels to die of poisoning from cyanide in vitamin B17.

Taking Advantage of the Benefits of Apricot Seed or Kernel

Buying raw apricot seeds or kernels allows you to maximize the health benefits of consuming them. Choosing the processed variety is not really recommendable because much of the beneficial components may already be destroyed.

A practical and versatile way to enjoy the favorable health effects of apricot seeds and kernels is by purchasing apricot oil. Using it for cooking or adding it to salads enables you to obtain the health-giving and cancer-fighting properties of apricot oil. The product may also be used topically to moisturize the skin as well as condition your mane.

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