Health Benefits of Black -Eyed Peas

The black eyed peas are not just a pop-techno group, but an actual bean! This yummy bean can be found in frozen, canned and dried. Black eyed peas offer a lot of health benefits and can be used in different and delicious dishes.

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It can be added in soups, salads, stir fry and stew. This bean is a great addition to a healthy diet. It can even stand on its own, it is a great side dish to your main course.

Another great thing about this bean is that you can store them for a long time like chickpeas. It also works as a great substitute to protein and other high calorie ingredients.

If I haven’t convinced you on the great reasons to eat Black eyed Peas here are a few health benefits to persuade you:

High in Iron – Iron is important for overall health. People who lack iron are often weak and unfocused. Iron is responsible for delivering oxygen throughout the body. If you lack iron you will experience, muscle weakness, sluggishness, nausea and exhaustion.
• Half cup canned black-eyed peas contain 1.2mg of iron
• Half cup dry cooked black-eyed peas contain 2.2 mg of iron.

High in Fiber – black-eyed peas are high in fiber. Fiber is an essential nutrient in the body. It is needed to regulate cholesterol levels and protect the heart. Having enough fiber in the body helps relieve constipation. Fiber also stops cholesterol absorption, this prevents the body from developing heart problems. It is also important in weight loss, foods that are high in fiber are digested slower, this keeps you fuller longer.
• Half cup of canned black-eyed peas contains 4 grams of fiber.
• Half cup of cooked dry black-eyed peas contains 5.6 grams of fiber.

High in Protein – If you want to build up on protein, black-eyed peas is a great source. These beans are great for vegetarians and people who don’t consume meat. Protein is important for muscle development and protection for the nails, skin and hair. Protein also repairs damage cells in the body and boost energy.
• Half a cup dry cooked black-eyed peas contain 6.7 grams of protein.
• Half a cup canned black-eyed peas contain 5.7 grams of protein.

High in Potassium – Potassium is important to maintain blood pressure level and protect the body from possibility of heart diseases. Potassium also helps bone and muscle development.
• Half a cup dry cooked black-eyed peas contain 239 milligram of potassium.
• Half a cup canned black-eyed peas contain 206 milligram of potassium.

Low in Calorie and Fat – Black-eyed peas can prevent obesity and is a great low calorie ingredient. This is a perfect addition to your low calorie diet. People that consume low fat diets are less prone to heart problems, depression and diabetes.
• Half a cup of black-eyed peas has roughly a 100 calories and has 1 gram of fat.

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