Health Benefits of Bok Choy or Chinese Cabbage

Bok Choy or Chinese Cabbage is one great choice to add to your set of greens. This vegetable is packed with numerous nutrients leading to a great health conditions.

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Here are some of the benefits consumers of Bok Choy gets.


Potassium is extremely beneficial at a specific level. Chinese cabbage is a great source of this nutrient. Still, a doctor’s opinion is necessary to determine the right amount of potassium for you depending on the existing medications and medical condition.

Folic Acid

Women in pregnancy need folic acid in their daily diet. Consult the doctor for possible options in the diet. Discuss the risks and benefits of foods for the pregnant.

Vitamin C

Common among citrus fruits, Vitamin C is also found in Bok Choy. It helps a person with such conditions as scurvy. The lack of Vitamin C results to many skin problems and other illnesses.


These vitamins are effective against a huge scale of diseases. They can even fight cancer. The heart is also a recipient of their goodness. Bok Choy is a rich source of antioxidants.


Carb is one difficult element to avoid. It is found in almost all kinds of food. A person can minimize different areas of food consumption but carbohydrates are always there.

Bok Choy is one of those rare foods that contain low levels of carbohydrates. If you are on a diet, always ask your doctor with the right levels of carbohydrates recommended for you.


Being a green vegetable, Bok Choy doesn’t have high concentrations of fats and sugars that send the calorie counts in high levels.

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