Health Benefits of Breadfruit

Related to the likes of mulberries, figs and jackfruit, breadfruit is commonly eaten roasted, fried, baked and boiled in so many tropical regions of the planet where it is native to. Loving breadfruit is easy to do because it naturally comes with a sweet taste and the smell is similar to that of freshly-baked bread — that’s how it actually got its name.

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Aside from consumption for sustenance, breadfruit is also warranted for its various medicinal purposes. Traditional healers use it for treating anything from constipation to high blood pressure. Breadfruit may be used for managing many different skin and hair problems like premature aging, eczema, dandruff and hair loss.

Let us take a look at some of the health and beauty benefits offered by breadfruit:

It Makes You Less Prone to Infections

The common cold, cough and flu — these are all infections of the upper respiratory system. If it seems like you’re getting them all of the time, chances are your immune system is weak. One of the ways of shielding your body from invading bacteria and viruses is by eating breadfruit as it has immune-boosting antioxidants.

It Helps Lower High Blood Pressure

One of the nutrients found in abundance in every serving of breadfruit is potassium. This is the reason why the tropical fruit’s regular consumption can help keep high blood pressure at bay. Potassium works by causing the blood vessels to dilate, thus keeping the blood pressure from rising to unhealthy levels.

It Also Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Earlier, it was mentioned that breadfruit is packed with antioxidants. Those powerful molecules are also effective against the oxidation of cholesterol obtained via the diet, and this is what keeps your arteries from ending up clogged. Also, breadfruit is a great source of fiber that helps sweep some bad cholesterol out of the body.

It Promotes Regular Bowel Movement

Speaking of fiber, we all know that it is so vital for regulating the movement of the bowels. In other words, including fiber-rich foods like breadfruit in your everyday diet helps prevent constipation. You don’t want to end up constipated all the time because it can have negative effects on a lot of things, from your complexion to your energy levels.

It Keeps You Feeling Energized

A lot of people opt for a low- or no-carb diet thinking that carbohydrates are the ones that ruin their figures. However, this is not at all true — some types of carbs are good for you, such as those that are found in breadfruit. That’s why eating breadfruit helps make you feel energized, letting you become active and productive.

It Supplies Your Body with Healthy Fats

Just like with the case of carbohydrates, not all fats are evil. Take for example omega-3 fatty acids — they are important for healthy brain, nerves, blood vessels and heart. You can obtain some of those healthy fats from breadfruit, so consider adding the tropical fruit in your diet on a regular basis.

It Manages Inflammation of the Skin

Traditional healers rely on breadfruit’s sap and extracts in order to ward off skin problems. That’s because the said sap and extracts have anti-inflammatory properties that are good against acne and psoriasis. What’s more, antioxidants in breadfruit help accelerate the repair of damaged skin cells caused by issues related to inflammation.

It Also Helps Slow Down the Process of Skin Aging

As the years pass by, it’s natural for the skin to age. However, it’s not normal for it to age prematurely due to unnecessary exposure to the sun and environmental pollutants. Luckily, there are natural anti-aging solutions such as breadfruit that are loaded with antioxidants that protect the skin cells from damage as well as promote collagen synthesis.

It Treats Dandruff and Promotes Lovely Hair

Breadfruit sap and extracts may be applied on the scalp to put an end to dandruff, which is sometimes due to a fungal infection. Thanks to the powerful antioxidants and healthy fats present, the tropical fruit is also known to help stimulate hair growth and make each and every strand soft, shiny and healthy.

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