Breastfeeding your baby has certain advantages over bottle feeding him. For instance, consider the following:

As a nursing mother, your milk is nutritionally balanced and is most appropriate for your baby. Just as cow’s milk is best for the calk, horse’s milk for the cold, dog’s milk for the puppy and cat’s milk for the kitten, so your milk is the most perfect food for your human baby.

Breastfeeding enables you and your baby to interact with each other more closely. When you cuddle and suckle your child, it firms up the bond between you and your baby. And your happy and contented baby has more chances of developing into a secure person, with less psychological problems to bug him in his later life.

Moreover, breast milk contains substances which protect your baby against all kinds of infections. It guards him against allergic disorders, like asthma and eczema. the colostrum, a yellowish substance which seeps out from one of the ducts in your nipple before and after childbirth, is nutrient-rich fluid which is ideal for your newborn.