Health Benefits of Buddha’s Hand

You will surely take a second look at Buddha’s hand once you come across this fruit. Just like what it’s called suggests, it has an odd shape that resembles the prayerful hands of Buddha. For years now, it has been used for religious ceremonies as well as for treating a variety of health problems.

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Native to India and China, its worldwide distribution is highly limited. This is why you should really grab the opportunity to enjoy some Buddha’s hands in case you come across it. Falling in love with this unusual looking fruit is not that difficult, thanks to its mild bittersweet taste. It also has a lovely, citrus-y smell that is somewhat similar to lavender, and this is the reason why Buddha’s hand is also being used for making perfumes.

Both the flesh and rind can be used for numerous medicinal purposes. For centuries now, traditional healers in areas where Buddha’s hand is native to have been using the fruit for treating the likes of high blood pressure, upper respiratory tract infections and digestive issues.

Let us take a quick look at some of the known health benefits of Buddha’s hand:

Buddha’s Hand Provides Pain Relief

Due to the analgesic properties of this exotic fruit, it’s being used for years now in dealing with all sorts of aches and pains. Studies conducted on the fruit have shown that certain compounds found in it such as coumarin and limonin are what make it highly effective in providing pain relief. What’s more, Buddha’s hand also possesses superb anti-inflammatory properties, promoting accelerated healing of wounds and injuries.

The Fruit Promotes a Healthier Digestive System

Consuming Buddha’s hand is recommended if you are suffering from indigestion because it is said to be very good at dealing with heartburn and other associated symptoms. Due to the fruit’s ability to put an end to inflammation, it helps in soothing the inflamed lining of the intestine, thus providing relief from abdominal cramping and diarrhea. Eating Buddha’s hand also helps promote regular bowel movement.

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Eating It Helps Make Your Immune System Strong

According to studies, certain compounds in this fruit with a strange appearance help in enhancing the efficacy and speed of the reaction of the immune system. That is why incorporating Buddha’s hands in your diet may help save you from having a bout of infection or allergy on a regular basis. Consuming this fruit when you are suffering from an illness like cough of flu may help you bounce back from it at a much faster rate.

Buddha’s Hand May Help Lower Blood Pressure

It is said that extracts of the fruit promote the relaxation of the walls of the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely through the blood vessels. This is something that helps in lowering high blood pressure. Hypertensive people should consider eating Buddha’s hands to help keep high blood pressure in check. However, you may want to limit the consumption of this fruit if you already have low blood pressure.

It Provides Remedy From Respiratory Tract Infections

For so many years now, this exotic fruit is being used by traditional healers in dealing with upper respiratory tract problems. That’s because it works as an expectorant — it helps thin mucus so it can be coughed up more effectively, allowing the person to attain relief from symptoms such as breathing difficulty and chest pain. It is customary to have the fruit soaked in water with sugar before consumption for the attainment of immediate relief from respiratory tract infections.

The Fruit Helps Normalize Menstruation

Suffering from strong periods? Get your hands on some Buddha’s hand. This unique fruit is known to be particularly effective in regulating abnormally strong bleeding during a woman’s period. What’s more, it is said to provide much-needed relief from PMS symptoms such as cramps and even mood swings.

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