Health Benefits of Chicken Liver and Sample Recipe

Aside from the meat, chicken liver is also eaten by man as food. It gives extra flavor to the meal and it also promotes a person’s health and well being with its health benefits. The following are some of them.

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Chicken liver is rich in vitamins. According to Healthy Eating, chicken liver contains vitamin A, B, and D. Vitamin A is good for the eyesight and vitamin B is essential for proper functioning of the nervous system. Meanwhile, vitamin D promotes the health of the skin and bones. As per the publication, chicken liver has 5,864 international units of vitamin A, 3,000 international units for women, and 2,300 international units for men. It also has 7.41 micrograms of vitamin B12, which is considerably seven fold than a person’s recommended daily intake. As per Live Strong, vitamin B12 can prevent the development of pernicious anemia and it helps the body generate new red blood cells and boost the body’s energy levels. Chicken liver also provides 254 micrograms of folic acid, which is more than half of the recommended daily intake of 400 micrograms. According to The Guardian, chicken liver is rich in folate, which is essential for fertility and prevention of birth defects. However, the Food Standards Authority recommends that pregnant women should not eat liver too much, as excessive vitamin A can harm the baby.

Cancer Therapy

Chicken liver can also be useful in cancer management. According to Dr. Axe’s official webpage, physicians of natural medicine have utilized liver for years and it is included in the treatment management called Gerson Therapy. In this program, the participants were asked to consume 13 glasses of vegetable juice per day and eat beef liver, coffee enemas, and raw vegetables. As per the doctor, liver was included in the main protocol in helping the cancer patients heal.

In terms of body mechanism, the Gerson Therapy led to doubled oxygenation rate, negating oxygen deficiency that leads to several degenerative diseases. Moreover, metabolic activities are stimulated secondary to the provision of thyroid and potassium supplements and elimination of excess sodium, protein, fats, and toxins.

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Sample Recipe

Chicken liver can be made into various recipes, such as the Amazing Garlic Chicken Liver. According to All Recipes, the ingredients include a pound of chicken livers (rinsed, trimmed, patted dry), one and a half tablespoons of olive oil, two teaspoons of lemon juice, half teaspoon of salt, and six cloves of garlic (minced).

To prepare, the skillet is heated over medium heat and the liver is cooked and stirred in the hot skillet for three to five minutes until cooked. After that, the lemon juice, olive oil, and salt are added and are gently stirred until mixed. Finally, the skillet is removed from heat and garlic is sprinkled over the dish.

The dry-fry technique keeps the liver tender enough to melt in the person’s mouth. Virgin olive oil, which has a mild flavor, can also used in the dish.

Overall, chicken liver, along with chicken meat, is full of health benefits. Thus, its addition to various meal recipes improves the total health and wellness of a person and his family.


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