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Health Benefits of Corn and Sample Recipe

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Corn, also called maize, is a large grain plant commonly eaten by man. It is first domesticated by the indigenous population in Mexico, but it is still a popular food selection today. In fact, it has been mechanically transformed into another sort of snack, the popcorn. As a grain plant, corn is packed with numerous health benefits.

General Nutrients

Corn is rich in vitamins and minerals. According to World’s Healthiest Food, corn contains vitamin B; it promotes the function of the nervous system, which includes thinking, learning, memory, and sensation. It also has phosphorus, which helps promote bone health, and manganese, which plays a vital role in the growth and development of cells, tissues, and organs. Moreover, the grain plant also has fiber, which adds bulk and roughage to stools. It also acts as sweep, helping the body get rid of unwanted substances like toxins and free radicals, which cause cancer.


As a grain, corn also contains carbohydrates, the body’s primary source of fuel to carry out various activities of daily living. Hence, it is capable of giving the body optimal energy. According to Authority Nutrition, corn also contains protein. As per the publication, its protein content ranges from ten to 15 percent and the protein form that dominates are known as zeins, which accounts for 44 to 79 percent of the total protein content. However, zeins lack essential amino acids like tryptophan and lysine.

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Along with carbs and protein, corn also contains fat, a reason why there is corn oil. As per the publication, corn’s fat content ranges from five to six percent which makes it a low-fat food. Also, corn germ is considered an “abundant” side-product of corn milling. It is also high in fat that it is used in corn oil production, which is used in cooking. In addition, corn oil contains a polyunsaturated fatty acid called linoleic acid, in addition to monosturated and saturated fats. Along with those, corn oil is also high in vitamin E, phytosterols, and ubiquinone, which boosts the oil’s shelf life and increases its potency in reducing bad cholesterol levels in the blood.


Corn can prevent cancer. According to Organic Facts, fiber is responsible for the prevention of the debilitating disease, which kills a fraction of the world’s population. As per the publication, fiber bulks up the bowel movement, promotes peristalsis, and activates the production of bile and gastric juice. Such mechanism reduce the risk of cancer, such as colon cancer, secondary to the alleviation of digestive problems like hemorrhoids and constipation, both of which are risk factors for having cancer of the colon.

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Sample Recipe

As a plant, corn can be easily added to most meal recipes, such as the Mexican Corn Salad. As per All Recipes, the ingredients include ten-ounce corn kernels, one red onion (chopped), half cup olive oil, half cup red wine vinegar, two tablespoons fresh lime juice, one red bell pepper (chopped), one green bell pepper (chopped), one can cannellini beans (drained, rinsed), one can black beans (rinsed, drained), a tables spoon of lemon juice, two tablespoons of white sugar, a tablespoon of salt, a clove of crushed garlic, one-fourth cup of chopped fresh cilantro, half tablespoon ground cumin, half tablespoon ground black pepper, hot pepper sauce, and half teaspoon chili powder.

To prepare, as per the publication, the ingredients – bell peppers, beans, red onion, and corn – are combined in a large bowl. Next, the olive oil, lemon juice, lime juice, red wine vinegar, salt, sugar, garlic, cumin, cilantro, and black pepper are whisked together in a small bowl. Then, hot sauce and chili powder are seasoned to taste. Finally, the olive oil dressing is poured over the vegetables. The salad is mixed well.

Overall, corn has proven its nutritional benefits to man. Its inclusion in various meal recipes helps boost a person’s health and well-being.

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